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Review — 20.02.2017

Public View

The Bluecoat, Liverpool
by Laura Rushton

Feature — 09.02.2017

What if John Wayne were a woman?

Leeds College of Art, Leeds
by Elspeth Mitchell


The Tetley, Leeds: Autumn 2016 residency

Abi Mitchell was writer-in-residence at The Tetley in Autumn 2016, coinciding with the exhibitions Jonathan Trayte: Polyculture and Stass …

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Guidelines for Writers

Corridor8 publishes reviews, interviews and in-depth features that focus on contemporary visual arts and critical writing in the …



Corridor8 is a not-for-profit platform for contemporary visual arts and writing in the North of England. Dedicated to …


Corridor8 Publication and Website Launch

Join us at The Tetley on 14 January to celebrate the double launch of our new website and residency publication


Call Out for New Writers

Corridor8 is looking for new, enthusiastic writers to review exhibitions and events across the Northern ‘corridor’. …

Review — 30.10.2016


Leeds College of Art, Leeds
by Zoë Sawyer

Review — 29.10.2016

Head to Head: Vasilis Asimakopoulos and Christian Falsnaes

Castlefield Gallery, Manchester
by Claire Walker

Review — 24.10.2016

Jen Southern: Skylines

by Dave Pritchard

Review — 21.10.2016


South Square Gallery, Thornton
by Bruce Davies


Art Writing Workshop @ The Tetley, Leeds

Corridor8 Art Writing Workshop @ The Tetley, Leeds Saturday 26 November, 2-5pm This discursive event will …

Review — 12.09.2016

Dark Matter Symposium: The Unseen World of Artist Led Activity

The Royal Standard, Liverpool
by Sean Ketteringham

Review — 03.08.2016

From The Rocks Above The Pass, MILK Collective

House of Blah Blah, Middlesbrough
by Annie O'Donnell

Review — 28.07.2016

Leonora Carrington / Lucy Skaer

Leeds College of Art, Leeds
by Derek Horton

Exploration — 21.07.2016

Prima Donna

The International 3, Salford
by Claire Walker

Review — 19.05.2016

Francis Bacon: Invisible Rooms

Tate Liverpool, Liverpool
by Eli Regan

Review — 10.05.2016

Art Sheffield

by Orla Foster

Review — 05.05.2016

Maud Sulter: Passion

Impressions Gallery, Bradford
by Derek Horton

Interview — 28.03.2016

The Royal Standard at Le Temple Du Gout, Nantes

Le Temple Du Gout, Nantes, France
by Margaux Foucret and Harlan Whittingham

Review — 15.03.2016

Hugo Canoilas, Workplace Gallery | AV Festival

Workplace Gallery, Gateshead
by Claire Lavender

Review — 08.03.2016

Dan Perjovschi | AV Festival

The NewBridge Project, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
by Michaela Hall

Review — 24.02.2016


The Holden Gallery, Manchester
by Ashleigh Owen

Review — 18.02.2016

For What It’s Worth

South Square Gallery, Thornton
by Elspeth Mitchell

Exploration — 21.01.2016

A visit to Modern History Vol.III Art Museum

Bury Art Museum, Bury
by Dr Richard Dunston

Review — 16.12.2015

VARC in the CITY, Abject Gallery

Northumberland, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
by Dave Pritchard

Review — 08.12.2015

Model Behaviour

The Holden Gallery, Manchester
by Andy Broadey

Review — 25.11.2015

Heart Shaped Like a Baseball Bat

PERLICO, North Wales
by Ashleigh Owen

Exploration — 30.09.2015

We and Onion Widow at Fred’s Ale House

by Bob Dickinson

Review — 25.09.2015

Layla Curtis: Heatscapes

The Gallery at Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
by Claire Lavender

Review — 07.09.2015

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night

Castlefield Gallery, Manchester
by Daniel McMillan

Article — 31.08.2015

Spotlight: ‘Ten’ & the evolution of Vane Gallery

Vane, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Review — 05.08.2015


The Bluecoat, Liverpool
by James Harper

Review — 09.07.2015

The Earth Murmurs While We Sleep

Grundy Art Gallery, Blackpool
by Hannah Elizabeth Allen

Review — 07.07.2015

Performance Capture, Manchester International Festival

Manchester Art Gallery, Manchester
by James Schofield

Review — 24.06.2015

Low Tide Wandering

Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester
by Andy Broadey