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The artist stands beside a sculpture by Barbara Hepworth on a plinth, lifting her arm to touch it with her elbow; behind a coastal landscape on a sunny day..

YSI artist spotlight: Claye Bowler and Nwando Ebizie

10.11.2021, by Hatty Nestor

An image of a derelict, formerly grandiose space with a red car covered in a giant doily in the foreground, a photographic portrait of a man in a gask mask in the middle ground, and a tapestry of football fans chanting in the background.

British Textile Biennial 2021

05.11.2021, by Claire Walker

An image of the exhibition being discussed showing work by Andrius Arutiunian

Uncertain Data

30.09.2021, by Leah Binns

Zadie Xa: Moon Poetics 4 Courageous Earth Critters and Dangerous Day Dreamers

29.07.2021, by Martha Cattell

The image shows a wooden sculpture resembling a tree trunk supported by four bowing legs in the centre of the frame, with drawings of tree trunks in frames behind it on the gallery wall.

David Nash: Return to the Forest

23.07.2021, by Laura Biddle

Preview: Yorkshire Sculpture International Summer 2021 Programme

07.07.2021, by Tessa Norton

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Many Splendored Things

31.05.2021, by Jazmine Linklater

Unveiled: open submission roundup of reopenings

09.05.2021, by Corridor8

Studio of Sanctuary writing residency callout


facing Extinction

A creative engagement with the idea of mass extinction, in collaboration with University of Leeds and Manchester Museum (print and online, 2020).

‘facing Extinction’ online launch


Jonathan Baldock: Facecrime

30.09.2020, by Kyle Nathan Brown

a still image of a 3D render of a gallery space showing stairs leading up from the floor the viewer is on

Emerging Accessibility: Post-viral programming and disabled audiences

24.09.2020, by Izzy Kroese

Dwell Time: a moving picture of mental health

26.08.2020, by Joanna Jowett

University of Leeds/ Manchester Museum

In 2020 Corridor8 worked with partners at the University of Leeds and Manchester Museum for the …

What is the future? Reflections from Blackburn

21.05.2020, by Laura Brown

Paula Chambers: Shoplifting in Woolworths and Other Acts of Material Disobedience

25.02.2020, by Jay Drinkall

Shy Girl

12.02.2020, by Jazmine Linklater


08.02.2020, by Kenn Taylor

HOME Artist Film Weekender 2019

12.01.2020, by Isabel Taube

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Slow Painting

22.12.2019, by Derek Horton

Animalesque / Art across species and beings

11.12.2019, by Dave Pritchard

Nii Obodai: Of Natural Magic 

07.12.2019, by Jay Drinkall

Community Not Commodities

03.10.2019, by Sarah Davies

Middlesbrough Art Weekender

03.10.2019, by Steve Spithray

Footnotes on Equality

02.10.2019, by Paul Drury-Bradey

What is the Matter? Materials, Commodities, Narratives

22.09.2019, by Orla Foster


14.09.2019, by Jack Welsh

Yorkshire Sculpture International at the Henry Moore Institute

09.09.2019, by Pamela Crowe

Surviving or Thriving? How visual artists in Yorkshire respond to being called ‘resilient’

30.07.2019, by Alice Bradshaw

Marcus Coates Cherryburn Northumberland Conference Birds Mapping Contemporary Art Heritage Experience

Marcus Coates: Conference for the Birds

29.07.2019, by Dave Pritchard


28.06.2019, by James Mathews-Hiskett

209 Women at Open Eye Gallery

30.04.2019, by Claire Walker