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Exploration — 09.05.2021

Unveiled: open submission roundup of reopenings

Across the North of England

by Corridor8


Studio of Sanctuary writing residency callout

Fee: £1,200 (8 days at £150/day) Residency period: June – August 2021 Deadline for applications: 5pm, …


facing Extinction

An imaginative engagement with The Sixth Mass Extinction Event, produced in collaboration with partners at University of Leeds and Manchester Museum, and a team of writers, artists and participants.


‘facing Extinction’ online launch

We’re delighted to announce the online launch of facing Extinction, a publication produced in collaboration with …

Exploration — 12.10.2020


Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art, Middlesbrough

by Jade French

Review — 30.09.2020

Jonathan Baldock: Facecrime

The Bluecoat, Liverpool

by Kyle Nathan Brown

Review — 26.08.2020

Dwell Time: a moving picture of mental health

Trains and stations across Yorkshire

by Joanna Jowett


University of Leeds/ Manchester Museum

In 2020 Corridor8 worked with partners at the University of Leeds and Manchester Museum for the …

Exploration — 21.05.2020

What is the future? Reflections from Blackburn

by Laura Brown

Review — 25.02.2020

Paula Chambers: Shoplifting in Woolworths and Other Acts of Material Disobedience

The Civic; Barnsley

by Jay Drinkall

Review — 12.02.2020

Shy Girl

Grundy Art Gallery, Blackpool

by Jazmine Linklater

Review — 08.02.2020


Williamson Art Gallery & Museum, Wirral

by Kenn Taylor

Review — 12.01.2020

HOME Artist Film Weekender 2019

HOME, Manchester

by Isabel Taube


How we work

Background Since 2009 Corridor8 has consistently covered contemporary art activity across the North of England. We …

Review — 22.12.2019

Slow Painting

Leeds Art Gallery, Leeds

by Derek Horton

Review — 11.12.2019

Animalesque / Art across species and beings

BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead

by Dave Pritchard

Review — 07.12.2019

Nii Obodai: Of Natural Magic 

Beverley Art Gallery

by Jay Drinkall

Review — 03.10.2019

Community Not Commodities

Shieldfield Art Works, Newcastle upon Tyne

by Sarah Davies

Review — 03.10.2019

Middlesbrough Art Weekender


by Steve Spithray

Review — 02.10.2019

Footnotes on Equality

Artlink, Hull

by Paul Drury-Bradey

Review — 22.09.2019

What is the Matter? Materials, Commodities, Narratives

Kelham Island Museum, Sheffield

by Orla Foster

Review — 14.09.2019


The Turnpike, Leigh

by Jack Welsh

Review — 09.09.2019

Yorkshire Sculpture International at the Henry Moore Institute

Henry Moore Institute, Leeds

by Pamela Crowe

Review — 29.07.2019

Marcus Coates: Conference for the Birds

Cherryburn, Northumberland

by Dave Pritchard

Review — 28.06.2019


Stockport War Memorial Art Gallery, Manchester

by James Mathews-Hiskett

Review — 30.04.2019

209 Women at Open Eye Gallery

Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool

by Claire Walker

Review — 02.04.2019

Chinternet Ugly

CFCCA, Manchester

by Beth Dawson

Review — 19.01.2019

The Ground Beneath Your Feet

Castlefield Gallery, Manchester

by Claire Walker

Review — 10.01.2019

Leisure Time

S1 Artspace, Sheffield

by Orla Foster

Feature — 08.12.2018

Manifesto and the future at Rogue Artists’ Studios

Rogue Artists’ Studios, Manchester

by James Mathews-Hiskett

Exploration — 24.11.2018

Grayson Perry: The Vanity of Small Differences

Grundy Art Gallery, Blackpool

by Claire Walker

Review — 17.09.2018

Furnished Archipelago

Paradise Works, Salford

by James Mathews-Hiskett

Review — 24.08.2018

New Brighton Revisited at The Sailing School Gallery

The Sailing School Gallery, Liverpool

by Denise Courcoux

Review — 21.08.2018

A Clown Walks Into A Gallery…

Grundy Art Gallery, Blackpool

by Robbie di Vito