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Corridor8 works in partnership with arts organisations and education institutions to deliver residency and commissioning programmes, …

Installation view of the exhibition.

Navigator North: Exchange – Past, Present & Future

18.10.2021, by Debbie Rolls

An image of wooden block engraved in upper case letters are arranged in a short stack. They say: 'Whisper a secret to something. See if they whisper back?'.

Idit Nathan and Helen Stratford: Further Afield

14.10.2021, by Joanna Jowett

Archive image of arts activity at South Square, Bradford

We’ll Start All Over Again: Embedded Arts Practice and the Post-industrial North

11.08.2021, by Andy Abbott

An older white man with white hair, glasses and wearing a checked shirt is facing away from the camera and writing on kitchen cabinet doors using paint markers. There is multi coloured writing all over the cabinets and a box of markers in the foreground.

Widening Participation? In conversation with two recent graduates

28.05.2021, by Lauren Velvick

Studio of Sanctuary writing residency callout


Reset or rewild: perspectives on future arts infrastructures

13.02.2021, by Dr. Susan Jones

Magnetic North: direction of travel at Compass Live Art

15.12.2020, by Pamela Crowe

Peer to Peer: UK/HK – Online festivals as a gateway to intercultural exchange

13.11.2020, by Christie Yung-hei Chan

After a decade of Corridor8, why we’re changing how we work

06.01.2020, by Lara Eggleton and Lauren Velvick

How we work

Background Since 2009 Corridor8 has consistently covered contemporary art activity across the North of England. We …

‘An inward looking outer space’: a brief history of Corridor

02.10.2019, by Hannah Nussbaum

Surviving or Thriving? How visual artists in Yorkshire respond to being called ‘resilient’

30.07.2019, by Alice Bradshaw

Aitor Gonzalez and Noel Clueit: Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop

17.03.2018, by Lisa-Marie Dickinson

Trust New Art?

18.12.2017, by Tom Emery

Idle Women: Shifting Loyalties gathering 2017

14.12.2017, by Laura Harris

School Of The Damned, Merz Barn residency, Cumbria – Part Two

23.10.2017, by James Schofield

School Of The Damned, Merz Barn residency, Cumbria – Part One

23.10.2017, by James Schofield

iouae: is this real lyf?

i o u a e: is this real lyf??

30.06.2017, by Sarah Davies

2017 Writing Residency Programme Announced!



Who we are Corridor8 is a not-for-profit platform forcontemporary visual arts and writing in the North …

Call Out for New Writers


Interview Survey: Doremifasolasido

24.10.2016, by Jackie Haynes

Benjamin Orlow, Work/Leisure Residency

04.05.2016, by Michael D’Este

Jesse Wine × Corridor8

04.02.2016, by James Schofield

VARC in the CITY, Abject Gallery

16.12.2015, by Dave Pritchard

Kwong Lee, Castlefield Gallery


Louise Winter, The Shed, Haltwhistle


The Source of Resilience, Sabina Sallis, The Newbridge Project


A New Reality – Part 1, The Tetley

15.02.2014, by Rebecca Senior

Holly Rowan Hesson – Residency, The Penthouse


PRISM – Lionel Dobie Project, The SWAYS Bunker


Rosanne Robertson, Whisper Residency, Chinese Arts Centre


Helen Collett and Lois Macdonald of Lionel Dobie Project


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