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a photo of two people lying toe to toe in a field with their knees bent, a blue sky above them.

Freestylers: Everybody with Me, Always

20.12.2021, by Kate Liston

Satelliser - a dance for the gallery, at Baltic

Janine Harrington: Satelliser – a dance for the gallery

08.11.2021, by Kate Liston

Animalesque / Art across species and beings

11.12.2019, by Dave Pritchard

BALTIC Centre Contemporary Art John Akomfrah Ballasts Memory Race Identity

John Akomfrah: Ballasts of Memory

09.08.2019, by Sara Makari-Aghdam

Barby Asante BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art Gateshead Rene McBrearty

Discussing Barby Asante’s Declaration of Independence

25.04.2019, by Katy Bentham

James Bridle Digital Citizen BALTIC Gateshead

Digital Citizen – The Precarious Subject

13.03.2019, by Caro Fentiman

Ingrid Pollard Lubaina Himid BALTIC Artists' Award 2019

BALTIC Artists’ Award 2019

12.03.2019, by Sarah Davies

Heather Phillipson BALTIC Gateshead Age of Love

Heather Phillipson: The Age of Love

19.11.2018, by Carys Rose Thomas

Tim Etchells TATE Modern London

Swimming Against the Tide: an interview with Tim Etchells

15.08.2018, by Susie Pentelow

Lubaina Himid BALTIC Gateshead Great Exhibition of the North

Lubaina Himid: Our Kisses are Petals

19.06.2018, by Rosie Minney

Idea of North Great Exhibition of the North

Idea of North

08.06.2018, by Grace Denton

Jasmina Cibic Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art

Jasmina Cibic: This Machine Builds Nations

12.04.2018, by Adam Heardman

Serena Korda Missing Time BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art Gateshead

Serena Korda: Missing Time

23.02.2018, by Rosie Minney

Sofia Stevi BALTIC

Sofia Stevi: turning forty winks into a decade

12.01.2018, by Adam Heardman

Susan Philipsz, A Single Voice (2017). BALTIC

Susan Philipsz: A Single Voice

07.12.2017, by Lesley Guy

Martin Luther King - Starless Mignight.

Starless Midnight

09.11.2017, by Rosie Minney

Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2017

20.10.2017, by Rosie Minney

Shen Xin, Provocation of the Nightingale, BALTIC Artists' Award 2017

BALTIC Artists’ Award 2017

13.10.2017, by Liam McCabe

Art, Audience and Economy: How should we value the arts in the North of England?

02.06.2017, by Tom Hopkin

Rodney Graham: That’s Not Me

04.04.2017, by Nathan Anthony

Disappearance at Sea: Mare Nostrum

17.03.2017, by Dave Pritchard

Latent Voices: How public art of the past can speak in the present

Henry Moore Institute, BALTIC, Bessie Surtees House

14.02.2017, by Amelia Crouch

Deimantas Narkevičius: Doubled Youth

26.11.2016, by Dave Pritchard

Caroline Achaintre

24.09.2016, by Dave Pritchard

Jumana Emil Abboud

13.06.2016, by Camilla Irvine Fortescue

Omer Fast: Present Continuous

28.03.2016, by Dave Pritchard

Hajra Waheed

08.02.2016, by Dave Pritchard

B. Wurtz

31.01.2016, by Annie O’Donnell

Hannah Collins

17.11.2015, by Camilla Irvine-Fortescue

Fiona Tan: DEPOT

25.08.2015, by Annie O'Donnell

Ida Ekblad

23.08.2015, by Camilla Irvine-Fortescue

Tony Swain, Undetailed Progress

08.06.2015, by Camilla Irvine-Fortescue

Jason Rhoades: Four Roads

07.04.2015, by Niomi Fitzsimmons Fairweather