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A white walled room full of stuff scattered all about, all looks a bit sci fi techy, with lots of silver medal and red tones

Lee Holden: Universal Bridge

28.03.2024, by Simon Sylvester

Sculptures that are bright yellow in the foreground and background, box shapes, and in the middle globular shapes on stands that are pinky-purple, kind of dada-ish, with two small green shapes to the left and right

Cross Lane Projects: In Conversation with Rebecca Larkin

24.01.2024, by Lesley Guy

A short cylindrical tower built of fry stone wall in the outdoors under a blue sky

Julie Brook: What is it That Will Last?

14.12.2023, by Lucy Holt

A close up of the sculptures in rows, so the bottom left is very dark grey and blurred and the colours get brighter and the image sharper up to the top right.

Halima Cassell: Virtues of Unity

02.11.2023, by Kirsty Jukes

Installation view with multiple paintings visible including a scene on a beach and an overgrown tree trunk

Landscape of the Gods

21.08.2023, by Neil Greenhalgh

Photograph of a field of daisies taken from a low angle.

The Farmer’s Arms: Corridor8 behind the scenes & away from the screen

14.07.2023, by Lauren Velvick

In the centre of the space is a long black carpet with multicoloured patterns, and three clothed dressmaker's mannequins.

Late and Soon: A Conversation About Margaret Harrison and Conrad Atkinson

15.06.2023, by Lauren Velvick & Bernie Velvick

Sculptures in a white wall gallery space with a concrete floor and blue ceiling beams

Rosie Edwards: Genetic Material

13.04.2023, by Nia Thomas

An igloo shaped hut made of wooden logs in the middle of a white walled gallery space

Richard Harris: Being Here

11.11.2022, by Sam Pickett

Three white walls can be seen, all full of paintings. Each painting is different in terms of content and colour; those closest to the front depict comic strip style outlines of people, and those furthest away depict realistic views of cinemagoers.

High on Hope

01.09.2022, by Neil Greenhalgh

A white cube gallery space is filled with ceramic sculptures. In the middle of the space is what appears to be a circle of multicoloured clay rocks.


06.06.2022, by Sam Pickett

Photograph showing two of Dean Kennings 'crawlers' face one another

Dean Kenning: Evolutionary Love

14.04.2022, by Anthony Ellis

The black silhouette of the artist wearing a baseball cap is visible in front of a green pram containing a bright pink humanoid form collaged from various types of fabric and mannequin bodyparts.

Mark Woods: Absorption

05.09.2021, by Danielle Ash

The image shows a wooden sculpture resembling a tree trunk supported by four bowing legs in the centre of the frame, with drawings of tree trunks in frames behind it on the gallery wall.

David Nash: Return to the Forest

23.07.2021, by Laura Biddle


22.11.2020, by Laura Biddle

Made With…

25.07.2020, by Daniel Newsham


17.07.2019, by Derek Horton

Frances Richardson, 'Not even nothing can be free of ghosts' at Cross Lane Projects, Kendal. Photo by Derek Horton

Frances Richardson: Not even nothing can be free of ghosts

29.11.2018, by Derek Horton

LAB212: Nebula at Signal Film and Media in Barrow-in-Furness

LAB212: Nebula

16.11.2018, by Sam Pickett

Alison Watt: A Shadow On The Blind

01.11.2018, by Natalie Hughes

Elisabeth Frink-Goggle Head- © Frink Estate and Archive executors. Courtesy of The Ingram Collection, Image © JP Bland 2016. Fragility and Power at Abbot Hall Art Gallery, Kendal, Cumbria

Elisabeth Frink: Fragility and Power

17.08.2018, by Natalie Hughes

Ruskin Spear, ‘Portrait of Carel Weight’ (c.1935). Copyright Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery

Carel Weight RA: Artist, Advisor, Collector and Benefactor

26.07.2018, by Natalie Bradbury

That Hall is Woven of Serpent’s Spines (2018) by Will Kendrick at Signal Film and Media, Barrow-in-Furness

Will Kendrick: That Hall is Woven of Serpent’s Spines

19.07.2018, by Natalie Hughes

Ordnance Pavilion, Studio MUTT, Lakes Ignite 2018

Lakes Ignite 2018

08.06.2018, by Selina Oakes

Doremi Artist Residency and Open Weekend 2017

04.12.2017, by Sam Pickett

Sam Meech: Time Back Way Back

01.12.2017, by Natalie Bradbury

School Of The Damned, Merz Barn residency, Cumbria – Part Two

23.10.2017, by James Schofield

School Of The Damned, Merz Barn residency, Cumbria – Part One

23.10.2017, by James Schofield

Interview Survey: Doremifasolasido

24.10.2016, by Jackie Haynes

Seeing The Forest Through The Trees, Grizedale Forest Visitor Centre

05.10.2015, by Sam Pickett

Face Value: Portraits from the Arts Council Collection

23.06.2015, by Rebecca Barwell

ARTIST ROOMS: Anselm Kiefer

30.05.2015, by Sam Pickett

Richard Slee – Work and Play, Tullie House