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An image of the exhibition being discussed showing work by Andrius Arutiunian

Uncertain Data

30.09.2021, by Leah Binns

True Voyage is Return: Augmented Empathy

30.10.2020, by Stephanie Gavan

And Say the Animal Responded?

07.09.2020, by Denise Courcoux

REAL WORK: FACT, Liverpool

14.09.2019, by Stephanie Gavan

Ready Gamers? States of Play: Roleplay Reality at FACT

09.04.2018, by Callan Waldron-Hall

Future Aleppo: a VR Experience at FACT

11.02.2018, by Callan Waldron-Hall

Wu Tsang: Under Cinema at FACT

09.11.2017, by Aoife Robinson


22.12.2015, by Anthony Ellis

Build Your Own: Tools for Sharing

19.06.2015, by James Harper

Gazelle Twin, Carla Mackinnon & various short films

23.04.2015, by Rachel Margetts

Science Fiction – New Death, FACT


Mark Boulos


Winter Sparks, FACT, Liverpool