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Caroline Achaintre

24.09.2016, by Dave Pritchard

Jumana Emil Abboud

13.06.2016, by Camilla Irvine Fortescue

Omer Fast: Present Continuous

28.03.2016, by Dave Pritchard

Hugo Canoilas, Workplace Gallery | AV Festival

15.03.2016, by Claire Lavender

Hajra Waheed

08.02.2016, by Dave Pritchard

B. Wurtz

31.01.2016, by Annie O’Donnell

Hannah Collins

17.11.2015, by Camilla Irvine-Fortescue

Mario Pfeifer, Approximation in the digital age to a humanity condemned to disappear

10.11.2015, by Liam McCabe

Fiona Tan: DEPOT

25.08.2015, by Annie O'Donnell

Ida Ekblad

23.08.2015, by Camilla Irvine-Fortescue

Tony Swain, Undetailed Progress

08.06.2015, by Camilla Irvine-Fortescue

Jason Rhoades: Four Roads

07.04.2015, by Niomi Fitzsimmons Fairweather

Tanya Axford/Paul Merrick – Workplace Gallery


Sara Barker & Ryder Architecture – The Subtle Knife, BALTIC


David Maljkovic: Sources in the Air


Jim Shaw – The Rinse Cycle, BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art


Janet Cardiff: The Forty Part Motet, BALTIC