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Expanded Interiors Restaged

Expanded Interiors: Re-Staged

27.08.2021, by Grace Denton

ARTIST ROOMS: Roy Lichtenstein

22.10.2019, by Caro Fentiman

Out of Place Hatton Gallery Newcastle University Mapping Contemporary Art Heritage Experience

Out of Place

06.08.2019, by Dave Pritchard

Francis Bacon Ellen Gallagher Hatton Gallery Newcastle

Francis Bacon | Ellen Gallagher

29.03.2019, by Michaela Hall

Kate Liston Hatton Gallery Newcastle University

Kate Liston: Feel After the New See

08.05.2018, by Lesley Guy

Scully 1970 Newcastle Laing Art Gallery Hatton Gallery

Sean Scully: 1970

21.02.2018, by Michaela Hall

Hatton Gallery

Pioneers of Pop

24.10.2017, by Michaela Hall

Toby Paterson: Hatton Pavilion

11.05.2017, by Rosie Minney

Toby Paterson on the Hatton Gallery commission for a touring pavilion

19.10.2016, by Christopher Little

Markus Karstieß: Boxes and Corners


Ed Ruscha – ARTIST ROOMS ON TOUR, Hatton Gallery, Newcastle