Hepworth Wakefield

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A black woman, with her hair tied up, stands in front of a sculpture in a church. Her arms are raised as though she is conducting music or dancing.

Preview: Yorkshire Sculpture International Summer 2021 Programme

07.07.2021, by Tessa Norton

A vase with two handles in a shiny black glaze, on a white background.

Magdalene Odundo: The Journey of Things

26.03.2019, by Dr Samantha Broadhead

A visitor stands looking at a white sculpture hanging in a gallery space.

The Hepworth Prize for Sculpture 2018

05.12.2018, by Paula Chambers

Two people stand in a darkened room, with a white light shining through them.

Anthony McCall: Solid Light Works

20.03.2018, by Gertrude Gibbons

A painting in green on a white background showing a frog. Text reads: 'frog king john'

School Prints

14.02.2018, by Natalie Bradbury

A person looks directly at a sculpture lit from within. The work has lips and a chin, surrounded by abstract shapes in blue, pink and green.

Alina Szapocznikow: Human Landscapes

08.11.2017, by Liam McCabe

A photograph of the Hepworth Wakefield building, which is made up of low grey blocks in front of the river.

Art, Audience and Economy: How should we value the arts in the North of England?

02.06.2017, by Tom Hopkin

A series of long fabric hangings displayed in a gallery space. The fabrics are in shades of black, grey, red, green and pink.

Disobedient Bodies: JW Anderson Curates The Hepworth Wakefield

24.03.2017, by Elspeth Mitchell

The Rhubarb Triangle and Other Stories: Photographs by Martin Parr

10.03.2016, by Laurence Piercy

Wild girl: Gertrude Hermes

04.03.2016, by Rebecca Barwell

Magali Reus: Particle of Inch

12.10.2015, by Clare Nadal

Plaster: Casts and Copies

13.07.2015, by Clare Nadal

Lynda Benglis

15.05.2015, by Amy Tobin

Channer, Hutchins, Linder At Hepworth Wakefield