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An exhibition space including, to the left, a green and yellow coloured film showing plant life, and to the right a to-scale greenhouse whose glass panes are covered with black and white images of layered lines or tubes.

Nick Jordan: Natural Interaction

22.04.2023, by Neil Greenhalgh

Low stools and plastic buckets in a gallery space

Fieldnotes: Brigitte Jurack

17.02.2023, by Katy Morrison

A billboard on a white wall contains a number of slogans, including 'No opportunity for graduates up North? Bollocks!'.

Short Supply: MADE IT 2022

20.07.2022, by Katy Morrison

HOME Artist Film Weekender 2020

21.12.2020, by Lucy Holt

HOME Artist Film Weekender 2019

12.01.2020, by Isabel Taube


13.04.2019, by Nicole Coyle

John Walter: CAPSID

19.12.2018, by Lucy Holt

The Square

01.05.2018, by Mor Cohen

Noor Afshan Mirza & Brad Butler: The Scar

28.03.2018, by Jessica El Mal

The Return of Memory

04.01.2018, by Anna Ratcliffe

This is Human

17.10.2017, by Emma Bosworth

La Movida

29.06.2017, by Claire Walker

John Hyatt: Rock Art

22.03.2017, by Neil Greenhalgh

Rachel Maclean: Wot u :-) about?

09.12.2016, by James Schofield

AL and AL: Incidents of Travel in the Multiverse

26.02.2016, by Neil Greenhalgh

Neck of the Woods, HOME, Manchester International Festival

21.07.2015, by Ashleigh Owen

The heart is deceitful above all things, HOME

30.06.2015, by Tom Emery

Sarah Perks



15.05.2015, by Bob Dickinson

The Storming, Cornerhouse