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A construction hoarding on a town centre street pasted with two images from Hutchison's project, showing his zombie sculpture outfit made of black clothes, on the left in front of huge backs presumably full of second hand textiles and on the right in central London.

British Textile Biennial 2023

08.10.2023, by Orla Foster

A row of seated people listen to a woman in a green summer dress speaking

In-Situ is Ten!

15.12.2022, by Natalie Hughes

A composite image showing a painting by Lucy Wright on the right and a photograph of Analogue Farm on the left.

And you too have come into the world to do this: a conversation about Analogue Farm

08.10.2022, by Lucy Wright

white drapes with a printed pattern hang around an old dark canopy bed in a historic room

Rebecca Chesney: Hidden from Light

12.07.2022, by Grace Edwards

Five Verses on Six Sacks of Earth Day, In-Situ. Photo: Reece Straw

Material Culture Unearthed: Five Verses on Six Sacks of Earth

07.12.2018, by Natalie Hughes

Miami to Morecambe: This Building for Hope

11.10.2017, by Jack Welsh

Time’s ticking, that’s all.

02.03.2017, by Sara Jaspan