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Two papier mache masks sit on a white shelf which is mounted on a white wall. One is white and one is red, and they appear to be demons or folkloric figures.

Short Supply: MADE IT 2021

28.09.2021, by Grace Edwards


14.02.2021, by Natalie Bradbury

HOME Artist Film Weekender 2020

21.12.2020, by Lucy Holt

Peer to Peer: UK/HK – Online festivals as a gateway to intercultural exchange

13.11.2020, by Christie Yung-hei Chan

Interruptions: Freya Dooley

10.06.2020, by Chris Alton

HOME Artist Film Weekender 2019

12.01.2020, by Isabel Taube

Cheng Ran: Diary of a Madman – Manchester Plan, New Bees

12.01.2020, by Rachel Hughes

Happy Ending

02.11.2019, by Daniel Newsham


08.10.2019, by Andee Collard

Eileen Simpson and Ben White: Open Music Archive

12.08.2019, by Claire Walker

Tania Bruguera: School of Integration

29.07.2019, by Andy Broadey


28.06.2019, by James Mathews-Hiskett

Tunnel Vision

20.04.2019, by Matt Retallick


13.04.2019, by Nicole Coyle

Chinternet Ugly

02.04.2019, by Beth Dawson

Simeon Barclay: Life Room

17.03.2019, by Jazmine Linklater

Megan Powell – Get Stabbed and Boogie

13.03.2019, by Andee Collard

Charwei Tsai: Bulaubulau

28.02.2019, by Claire Walker

The Ground Beneath Your Feet

19.01.2019, by Claire Walker

John Walter: CAPSID

19.12.2018, by Lucy Holt


13.12.2018, by Claire Walker

Manifesto and the future at Rogue Artists’ Studios

08.12.2018, by James Mathews-Hiskett

Re: work

06.12.2018, by Nicole Coyle

Asia Triennial Manchester 2018

In Conversation with Alnoor Mitha, Founding Artistic Director of Asia Triennial Manchester

16.11.2018, by Jessica El Mal

And Breathe…

28.09.2018, by Steve Slack

L-R: Cool Dude (Whatever), The Heart Is A Muscle, Ham-Fisted Heart On Sleeve, each 190x160cm, acrylic on canvas, Claire Dorsett, 2018. Photo: Lucy Ridges. STOCK gallery, The Talleyrand, Levenshulme, Manchester

Claire Dorsett: FRONT

18.09.2018, by Alison Criddle

BiblioTECH: from bookshelf to big data

20.08.2018, by Claire Walker

Empty Vessels

15.08.2018, by Robbie di Vito


25.07.2018, by Beth Dawson

Sonia Boyce at Manchester Art Gallery

Sonia Boyce

19.07.2018, by Andy Broadey


29.06.2018, by Miles Knapp

Sliced Units

22.06.2018, by Claire Walker

Food to the Dogs, Tape Modern

Food to the Dogs

17.06.2018, by Jordan Harrison-Twist

Machines will watch us die

21.05.2018, by Abi Mitchell

A City of Two Tales (Leeds to Manchester)

10.05.2018, by Jordan Harrison-Twist

The Square

01.05.2018, by Mor Cohen