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NOW: A dialogue on female Chinese contemporary artists

25.04.2018, by Jessica El Mal

Cecily Brown: Shipwreck drawings

24.04.2018, by Robbie di Vito

Never Gonna Give You Up

22.04.2018, by James Mathews-Hiskett

Noor Afshan Mirza & Brad Butler: The Scar

28.03.2018, by Jessica El Mal

Scrub Transmissions

25.03.2018, by Steve Hanson

Ruth Barker & Hannah Leighton-Boyce

19.03.2018, by Miles Knapp

Break in Transmission

13.03.2018, by Andy Broadey

Making, A Life: The Peter Hodgson Retrospective, with Peter and friends

20.02.2018, by Claire Walker

The morning has gold in its mouth

12.02.2018, by Michael D'Este

John Stezaker

09.02.2018, by Jordan Harrison-Twist


02.02.2018, by Steve Slack

Digital Matters: The Earth Behind the Screen

25.01.2018, by Ashleigh Owen

The Return of Memory

04.01.2018, by Anna Ratcliffe

Odd One Out/In

03.01.2018, by Chris Connolly

Raqs Media Collective: Twilight Language

14.12.2017, by Natasha Stallard

Venture Arts presents

13.12.2017, by Chris Connolly


12.12.2017, by Mark Jackson, Stacey Davidson & Juliet Fleming

Paradise Works x VITRINE

05.12.2017, by Hilary Jack & Helena Kate Whittingham

Brass Art: Gestured

04.12.2017, by Catriona McAra

Material Remains

21.11.2017, by Andy Broadey

Look Up

15.11.2017, by Beth Dawson

AND A 123

01.11.2017, by Ashleigh Owen

This is Human

17.10.2017, by Emma Bosworth

Bound Art Book Fair 2017


Capital P, capital ISIN

28.09.2017, by Paul Cordwell

A Show About The Show

23.09.2017, by Tom Emery

Manchester Street Poem

04.08.2017, by Nathalie Mayer

Lindsey Bull and Plastique Fantastique

03.08.2017, by Nathalie Mayer

From black screen to black screen (repeat).

28.07.2017, by Iris Priest


27.07.2017, by Andy Broadey

True Faith

22.07.2017, by Chris Connolly

Sarah-Joy Ford on Cut Cloth

01.07.2017, by Elspeth Mitchell

La Movida

29.06.2017, by Claire Walker

Vertigo Sea

26.06.2017, by Selina Oakes

Ruse: the artfulness of deceit

22.06.2017, by Claire Walker

Andrew McDonald closing events at Castlefield Gallery