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A pale green wall, with a roughly square patch of pale yellow.

Barry Flanagan: Light Pieces and other works

21.06.2017, by Gertrude Gibbons

A black and white photograph of a fibreglass king kong sculpture, with a person sat on each shoulder. Around the gorilla's head hangs a sign about pay.

The King and I

31.01.2017, by Richard Hudson-Miles

Seven Turns: Meditations on a Coffee Mill

26.02.2016, by Paul Bramley

More room for error: Nicola Ellis

28.08.2015, by Clare Nadal

Going to Ost, Book Launch and Exhibition

19.06.2015, by Michael Butterworth

A drawing and watercolour showing a person standing at a door to a garden.

Fay Ballard: House Clearance

26.05.2015, by Bob Dickinson

Chris Dobrowolski, &Model


A black square with white text that reads: 'shady dealings with language', and a simple visual of a folded page.

Claire Potter

13.05.2014, by Hope 'Leye

Joseph Buckley – One Sixth of a Series Of Elegies: V, ?? & XVII: Retcon! Retcon! Retcon!


A picture of a book on a display stand on a wall. the title reads Ways of Seeing in phonetic letters.

Nick Thurston – Pretty Brutal Library

10.08.2013, by Lesley Guy