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Detail of a graffiti-style collage work of art

Some Assembly Required

06.06.2024, by Lesley Guy

The view of a gallery space. the floors are wooden, laid on the floor is a quilt, aproximately two meters squared, laid flat in a white frame. the wall behind is paints white with black letters written on. The text is indistinguishable. To the left of this the wall has been painted pink.

Bordered Belonging: An Interview with Izzy Finch

18.03.2024, by Mymona Bibi

A disc about a meter in diameter, cut from what looks like a dark grey carpet tile is set a few inches from the ground. The disc has brightly coloured squiggles and shapes painted on to it. there is a broken glass and a pink high heeled shoe laying on the top.

Brass Tacks: In the Round

15.11.2023, by Kin

A woman with pale skin and red hair, photographed from just below the shoulders, is holding a piece of coal between fingers and thumb of each hand over where her eyes would be. Her arms and shoulders are naked. behind her, out of focus, is a rural landscape.

Alexandra Clod and Karolina Uskakovych: (Re)Grounding

02.11.2023, by Tom Jeffreys

A white walled gallery space with a polished concrete floor. The view of the space encompasses three walls, there are three paintings on the left and right walls and one large painting on the wall facing. There are three benches in the centre of gallery space.

Kejie Lin: The Mind’s Garden

25.09.2023, by Christie Yung-hei Chan

A computer generated or enhanced microscopic image of human tissue. light pink and purple strands, knotty and with fine tendrils seem to float in a dark blue space. the microbial strands glow with a mysterious light and stand out against the murky backdrop. Similar material is floating in the background, out of focus. The image is etherial and fantastical.

One Cell At A Time

10.12.2021, by Christie Yung-hei Chan

Expanded Interiors Restaged

Expanded Interiors: Re-Staged

27.08.2021, by Grace Denton

A very graphic, pop art image of water lillies, in parody of the Monet painting as indicated by the bridge behind the lillies.

ARTIST ROOMS: Roy Lichtenstein

22.10.2019, by Caro Fentiman

Five prints hung close together on a white wall with bulldog clips. The prints show a variety of repeated motifs including a tower block and the words 'The right and freedom to a home'

Community Not Commodities

03.10.2019, by Sarah Davies

Out of Place Hatton Gallery Newcastle University Mapping Contemporary Art Heritage Experience

Out of Place

06.08.2019, by Dave Pritchard

Dear Christine Keeler Vane Newcastle Fionn Wilson Profumo Affair

Dear Christine

03.07.2019, by Dr Mike Golding

Trojan Hourse Rainbow Flag Queer Star Shadow Cinema Newcastle

Trojan Horse / Rainbow Flag

04.06.2019, by Grace Denton

Holy Biscuit Shieldfield Art Works Exhibition Newcastle

Shieldfield Art Works Exhibition

03.06.2019, by Sarah Davies

Cinematic Inclusions Star and Shadow Cinema Newcastle Lithuanian Lithuania Film Documentary

Cinematic Inclusions

24.04.2019, by András Nagy-Sándor

Trees Yan Wang Preston Frank Forest China Side Gallery Newcastle

Yan Wang Preston: Forest

16.04.2019, by Dave Pritchard

Formations Ellsworth Kelly Albert Irvin Oliver Doe Josh Raz Gallagher Turner


11.04.2019, by Caro Fentiman

Francis Bacon Ellen Gallagher Hatton Gallery Newcastle

Francis Bacon | Ellen Gallagher

29.03.2019, by Michaela Hall

hu Hungarian Petra Szemán Breeze Creatives Abject Gallery Newcastle

hu – Hungarian Touring Exhibition

02.02.2019, by Grace Denton

Three television monitors stacked on top of each other in a white walled gallery space. On the grey floor in front of the tvs are a range of plaster objects with bent wires coming out. The TV at the top of the three has the image of a person's face, the two below are blank screens with a note attached to each.

Aaron Guy: The House that Jack Built

18.12.2018, by Christopher Little

The word 'Worth' written in bold font. Each letter appears to have been cut out of paper money, different denominations for each letter.

Lady Kitt: WORTH

26.10.2018, by Sarah Davies

Joy Labinjo Gallery North Northumbria University

Joy Labinjo: Mid-conversation

19.10.2018, by Laura Rushton

BALTIC 39 Newcastle Liverpool Biennial

We Are Where We Are

21.09.2018, by Grace Denton

Sophie Lisa Beresford Abject Gallery Sunderland

Sophie Lisa Beresford: North East Style

22.08.2018, by Michaela Hall

Rachael Clewlow Vane Newcastle

Rachael Clewlow: 3,200 Colours

23.05.2018, by Iris Priest

Kate Liston Hatton Gallery Newcastle University

Kate Liston: Feel After the New See

08.05.2018, by Lesley Guy

George Vasey Anna Barham Newcastle

A Curatorial Conversation with George Vasey

09.04.2018, by Niomi Fitzsimmons Fairweather

Joy Labinjo Gatherings GOLDTAPPED NewBridge Project Woon BALTIC

Joy Labinjo: Gatherings

04.04.2018, by Rosie Minney

Sick ardour Anna Barham ex-libris Gallery Newcastle University George Vasey

Anna Barham: Sick Ardour

16.03.2018, by Adam Heardman

Scully 1970 Newcastle Laing Art Gallery Hatton Gallery

Sean Scully: 1970

21.02.2018, by Michaela Hall

The Long View Rob Fraser Harriet Fraser

Rob & Harriet Fraser: The Long View

06.02.2018, by Dave Pritchard

Kathryn Elkin

Kathryn Elkin: Shelter from the Storm

30.11.2017, by Elisabetta Fabrizi

Rebecca Halliwell-Sutton - Woon Fellowship

Rebecca Halliwell-Sutton on her Woon Tai Jee Fellowship

24.11.2017, by Helena Whittingham

Hatton Gallery

Pioneers of Pop

24.10.2017, by Michaela Hall

A view of an art gallery with white walls and a shiny dark grey floor. In the foreground there is a large screen, semi folded. It is a metal frame with two surfaces. Behind this on the wall is a series of three abstract paintings.

Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2017

20.10.2017, by Rosie Minney

Bruce Rae: Shipbuilding on the Tyne

Bruce Rae: Shipbuilding on the Tyne

24.08.2017, by Selina Oakes

LGBTQ+ artists focus on queer readings of minimalism

You’re Reading Into It: Queering Contemporary Minimalism

23.08.2017, by Andrea Allan