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Four screens in a dark room show characters in brightly coloured costumes against a starry sky

Eelyn Lee & Collaborators: Four Quadrants of the Sky 四大神獸

08.01.2024, by Emma Bolland

Screen in a dark room showing the edge of a symbol in close focus.

Before, During & After: Here Now (How To Keep The Balance), Appau Jnr Boakye-Yiadom

24.11.2023, by Sylvia Carpenter

Greyscale image of a mountainside in Mexico.

For Whom the Mountains Pray: Helen Blejerman in conversation with Ghada Habib

22.09.2023, by Ghada Habib

Several pairs of hands reach for plants and gloves during a gardening session.

Around you the landscape lies transfigured: Arts Catalyst’s home and garden in Sheffield

24.05.2023, by Linda Pittwood

Three seated figures made from plywood, on each figure a plant is growing. Painted on the gallery wall behind are human-animal figures transforming into plants.

Survey II

19.05.2022, by Orla Foster

A concrete block of flats with rainbow cladding, against a grey sky and across from a smoke stack.

The revival of the city

05.05.2022, by Leila Kozma

An image of one of the works by Charlotte Dawson being discussed in the article

Charlotte Dawson: Here/There

24.02.2022, by Stephanie Gavan

Installation image of the exhibition.

JJ Chan: What do we know (anyway)?

12.08.2021, by Uthra Rajgopal

A landscape in shades of green, brown and orange. Layers of hills recede, becoming darker in colour until the orange sky is reached. The image is textured and grainy.

Sheffield Doc/Fest 2021: Arts Programme

08.07.2021, by Jessica Piette

Three people from Side by Side community drama group look through a wooden frame.

The show must go on: The reinvention of Migration Matters Festival

02.07.2020, by Evie Muir

A painting of a tent or white marquee surrounded by water.

A City That Welcomes Art: Three Sheffield artists reflect on winning major prizes

28.02.2020, by Orla Foster

A view of a gallery with white walls and floor. Several sculptures are visible in the frame, made up of everyday objects.

Alex Farrar: Fall, slump, drop on a bedside cabinet in water […]

26.09.2019, by Jessica Piette

An image of a sculpture on a brown background. The work is made of ceramic and metal, and looks like a natural object such as coral or the growth of branches.

What is the Matter? Materials, Commodities, Narratives

22.09.2019, by Orla Foster

A photograph of a group of women, all standing with their hands covering their mouths.

Chloë Brown: A Soft Rebellion in Paradise

16.06.2019, by Holly Grange

A close up of a work of art showing different textures and patterns. There is a section with a grid, and small pieces of painted canvas.

Construction House: Radical Materials

28.03.2019, by Orla Foster

A view of a gallery corridor, with a bright blue wall at the end.

Re-collections: Susan Hiller, Elizabeth Price, Georgina Starr

25.03.2019, by Amelia Crouch

A painting of a felled tree, showing the bottom of the trunk uprooted.

Flat + Earth

08.03.2019, by Clare Nadal

A person sitting on a donut shaped white cushion. Only their legs and feet are visible. They are dressed in black and grey.

Leisure Time

10.01.2019, by Orla Foster

A stone floor with a white wastepaper bin and a piece of blue cardboard.

Construction House: Order & Limitations

11.11.2018, by Orla Foster

A white woman with her hair tied up, wearing a dark jacket, sits in front of an artwork in a gallery.

Ways of Making: Mir Jansen and Penny Withers

30.10.2018, by Lucy Holt

A black fabric object, with a black grate inlaid. There are many patterns across the surface of the work.

Rachel Adams: Lowlight

27.10.2018, by Orla Foster

A gallery space with white walls, concrete floor and pillars. There are artworks arranged throughout the space, hung on the walls and resting on the floor.

Sheffield Round-up

27.10.2018, by Louis D'Arcy-Reed

A view of a room with tables and chairs in the middle. Pinned to the walls are a variety of brightly coloured posters.

Poly-Technic: We Are Not An Island

28.09.2018, by Simon Boase

A gallery with white walls and grey floor, with metal beams and skylights. There are a selection of works displayed in the room, including sculpture on plinths, works hung on the wall and from the beams.

Bloc Projects Members Show 2018

16.08.2018, by Yasmine Rix

A corner of a gallery. On one wall large beaded strings hang together. On the other wall a series of colourful photographs are displayed.

Talking Rubbish with Joanne Lee, Joanna Rucklidge and Frazer Hudson

15.05.2018, by Alice Bradshaw

View of a gallery space completely overlaid with collaged imagery on the walls and floor. It features the faces of characters and words against a fire or lava-like background.

Adcredo: The Deep Belief Network by Joey Holder

09.05.2018, by Abi Mitchell

A still from a film showing a person's face among a pile of hay and grasses. Their expression is pained.

Daria Martin: A Hunger Artist

19.04.2018, by Lucy Holt

Two figures wearing large rock masks stand in a landscape.

Conroy/Sanderson: Here I Am

23.03.2018, by Lucy Holt

A person crouches in a gallery space to tend to a patch of soil with plants emerging from it.

Ways of Making: Markets, gardens and points of connection

07.03.2018, by Lucy Holt

A TV screen and set of speakers in a gallery space. The room is suffused with a blue-grey light. The floor is littered with pieces of paper. There are large square benches arranged for visitors to sit.

Ben Jeans Houghton: 2ndlife

26.01.2018, by Lucy Holt

View of a gallery with white walls and grey floor. Several sculptures are visible throughout the space.

Lucy Vann: Test Bed #1

07.10.2017, by Lucy Holt

View of an exhibition with several works hung on the walls, and centrally on a plinth a large bench with tall back.

Everything Flows

20.06.2017, by David McLeavy

Peter Martin: Self Service

18.10.2016, by Orla Foster

Art Sheffield

10.05.2016, by Orla Foster

S1 Introduces

11.04.2016, by David McLeavy