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A film still showing a dark-skinned hand holding a yellow buttercup

breathe, spirit and life 呼吸、靈魂與生命

14.12.2022, by Katie Shirley

Photograph of child sitting on box in the installation ‘The Seeing Hands’ (2022) by Katie Schwab.

Are You Messin’?

07.09.2022, by Laura Biddle

Image of the film installation described in the article.


19.05.2022, by Beth Holmes

White banner with red text reading 'UNDO THINGS DONE' installed on black railings over a red-brick wall.

Sean Edwards: Undo Things Done

02.02.2021, by Edward Haynes

Multicoloured hollow cylinders are arranged in the gallery, in two columns to the left and right, and in the foreground arranged separately on the floor on a pile of blue sand.

Jonathan Baldock: Facecrime

30.09.2020, by Kyle Nathan Brown

What Makes a Contemporary Art Centre? Finding the Formula at Bluecoat

17.10.2019, by Ed Montana-Williams

Shezad Dawood’s Leviathan

17.10.2019, by Claire Walker

Emma Cousin, ‘Song Drapes’: Super Glue

02.05.2019, by Ed Montana-Williams

Blue Room at Ten: Just the Tonic!

12.03.2019, by Ed Montana-Williams

Liverpool Biennial 2018 at the Bluecoat

07.10.2018, by Callan Waldron-Hall

Bluecoat: In the Peaceful Dome

24.10.2017, by Callan Waldron-Hall

Abacus, at Bluecoat

31.08.2017, by Grace Edwards

Louisa Martin: Proxy

19.08.2017, by James Harper

Public View

20.02.2017, by Laura Rushton

Double Act: Art and Comedy

22.04.2016, by Anthony Ellis

Winter Exhibition Launch

07.02.2016, by Simon Ward

Niamh O’Malley: Glasshouse

23.11.2015, by Jack Welsh


05.08.2015, by James Harper

Liverpool Arab Arts Festival: Shaping Change: Women, Art and Culture symposium

16.06.2015, by Claire Walker

The Negligent Eye – The Bluecoat


Soft Estate – Edward Chell, The Bluecoat


Portfolio NW


The Universal Addressability of Dumb Things


A Universal Archive – William Kentridge as Printmaker