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Dear Christine Keeler Vane Newcastle Fionn Wilson Profumo Affair

Dear Christine

03.07.2019, by Dr Mike Golding

Rachael Clewlow Vane Newcastle

Rachael Clewlow: 3,200 Colours

23.05.2018, by Iris Priest

LGBTQ+ artists focus on queer readings of minimalism

You’re Reading Into It: Queering Contemporary Minimalism

23.08.2017, by Andrea Allan

Fancy a cuppa?

01.04.2017, by Andrea Allan

Vox Pop, Christopher Rollen

21.08.2016, by Christopher Little

Vinyl Icons: Persian Pop and Turkish Psychedelia

08.05.2016, by Camilla Irvine-Fortescue

Who Are You and What Do You Want? Jock Mooney, Vane

01.02.2016, by Liam McCabe

Spotlight: ‘Ten’ & the evolution of Vane Gallery


Flora Whiteley, Shake of the Head, 2012, oil and tempera on linen, 68x57cm

Suppose An Eyes – Lady Lucy, Jacqueline Utley & Flora Whiteley, Vane