CHAIN/MAIL Issue 1: North East

Download pdf: CHAIN/MAIL Issue1: North East

The first of four issues of CHAIN/MAIL, funded by the Arts Council Emergency Response Fund, harking back to our origins in founding editor Michael Butterworth’s Corridor magazine, where new experimental writing was presented alongside visual art. Each issue includes a commissioned piece of cover art and three texts: an editorial by the Corridor8 regional editor; a second piece by a writer they have invited; then a third invited by the second writer who may be unknown to the editor.

Issue 1 is edited by Lesley Guy with contributions from Grace Denton, Rene Francis-McBrearty and cover artwork by Uma Breakdown.

By transparently commissioning via peer networks and personal recommendations, this model facilitates a chain of dialogue between the editors, writers and artists that is rooted in place, the specificities of each region, and their relations.

To continue commissioning in this way, we are asking readers to make a suggested donation of £5.