Issue #1

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Dims: 28 x 42 cm


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Iain Sinclair, the award-winning poet, author and psychogeographer, uses architect Will Alsop’s concept of a SuperCity forming alongside the Transpennine Motorway as the starting point for a brand new commission, a new literary documentary that explores the ordinary and extraordinary lives and landscape of the region. Plus: Will McLean and Phil Griffin on Will Alsop, Susie Stubbs on Peter Saville, Jon Savage on the Haçienda night club, Dan McClean on artist Paul Bradley, Marie-Anne McQuay and Alan Dunn on the Danish art group Superflex and the ‘tenantspin’ experiment, Derek Horton on a SuperCity art school and Laura Mansfield on art fixers Lesley Young and James Hutchinson.

PLUS: poster-art by Linder, a special art print by Rachel Goodyear and ‘Flash Art’ curated by Jo McKinley featuring northern artists Isabel Nolan, Bob Levine, Rachel Goodyear, Simon le Ruez, Freee, Matthew Houlding, Rory Macbeth and Paul Rooney.