Leeds Arts University:
Nicola Dale

A residency and publication marking the inaugural exhibition at Leeds Arts University’s Blenheim Walk Gallery, Nicola Dale: Figurehead (9 January – 31 January 2019). Emerging writer Saffron Ward was commissioned to develop a new text, ‘Who’s Seen Jerome?’, with detailed reflections on the composition and materials used in Figurehead is as well as insights into the complex semantics underpinning Nicola Dale’s work. The final publication included a curatorial foreword by Catriona McCara and an essay by art historian Sara Riccardi that provides context for Saint Jerome imagery and draws on interview material with Dale from their research trip to Italy.

The closing event and launch took place on 31 January 2019, including a performance by the artist.

To order a free copy or a pdf version email info@corridor8.co.uk.

Feature — 06.02.2019

Who’s Seen Jerome?

Leeds Arts University, Leeds

by Saffron Ward


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Produced during a writing residency marking the inaugural exhibition at Leeds Arts University's Blenheim Walk Gallery, 9 January – 31 January 2019.