Supported Content

From January 2020 we are relying on organisations to support our regular online content. Our editors no longer circulate listings or press releases to their regional pools and our writers are not solicited to write for free.

We hope you will support us in piloting this new supported content model over the next year, and kindly ask you to bear with us through any growing pains. We expect to draw up more official terms at the end of this pilot period, but in the meantime this page operates as an informal agreement between yourselves and Corridor8.

Terms & conditions

‘Supported content’ is used by Corridor8 to distinguish independent writing from promotional or advertorial content.

All supported content will include a line describing the commissioning source: This review/ feature/ interview is supported by [name of organisation] and/or [funding body].

Corridor8 has final editorial say on all content. Our editors work with independent writers to produce fair and balanced responses to exhibitions and events, ensuring that any criticisms are well grounded and put into context. Edited drafts are shared with organisations for fact-checking but opinions and interpretations, and style of writing (including tone and syntax) are non-negotiable. We ask that this arrangement be respected and that writers and editors are valued for their skills and experience.

We ask for a minimum of one month’s notice for time-sensitive exhibitions or events to allow for commissioning, editing and publishing of content to the satisfaction of all parties. We cannot guarantee publishing deadlines in all cases, especially with short notice, but we can promise that all supported content – once signed off – will be published, promoted and appear in perpetuity on our website.


  1. The first step is to contact your regional editor with the details of your exhibition, event or activity, including timeframes. Also specify your preferred type of writing and corresponding fee, which can be found here.
  2. Your exhibition, event or activity will be considered in line with our current publishing schedule and available resources. Please note that we are a small team of freelancers and cannot always accommodate requests, and that not all activity is appropriate to our platform.
  3. Once accepted, we ask that PO numbers and supplier forms, if required, be provided as soon as possible, to avoid late payments.
  4. A writer will be selected from our regional pool to respond to your activity, and a time frame agreed. If you have one of our writers in mind you may suggest them, but our editors will make the final decision. If you would like to put a new writer forward, we are open to suggestions but we will first ask to see a sample of writing and will make a decision accordingly.
  5. An edited draft will be shared with you in advance of the publication deadline, which you will be asked to fact-check and agree. Please note that the opinions and views of writers are non-negotiable, as are syntax and tone. The editor will ask you to supply images with captions and credits.
  6. The content will go live on the Corridor8 website soon after and be promoted on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and in our next newsletter. Longer form writing will occupy a main page banner position for a minimum of one week, and all page links will remain in perpetuity.
  7. Your organisation will be invoiced for the agreed fee with a 30-day payment deadline.