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Looking out of the front windows of a trolley-bus, you see a path leading through a mausoleum

Digital Vapour Trails: Ronnie Danaher in profile

27.06.2024, by Abi Mitchell

A gallery view with introductory wall text on the left and straight ahead one of Cahun's mirror portraits displayed on a deep purple wall

Claude Cahun: Beneath this Mask

14.06.2024, by Kirsty Jukes

Three sculptural forms against a grey wall - a ceramic face, a knitted woollen torsa, a figure made from draped pink fabric on an aluminium frame.

Contested Bodies

06.12.2023, by Eliza Goodpasture

Greyscale image of a mountainside in Mexico.

For Whom the Mountains Pray: Helen Blejerman in conversation with Ghada Habib

22.09.2023, by Ghada Habib

A fragmented still from a film is reflected in dark liquid seeping on the gallery floor. The reflected image is upside down, but it shows a person with their eyes shut and mouth open.

Lou Lou Sainsbury: Earth is a Deadname

07.03.2023, by Even Allen

A draped piece of white knitted fabric is pinned against a white wall by a silver scaffold pole.

Jenny Beard and Connor Shields: Middle of The Road

28.11.2022, by Anonymous

Made With…

25.07.2020, by Daniel Newsham

Barby Asante BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art Gateshead Rene McBrearty

Discussing Barby Asante’s Declaration of Independence

25.04.2019, by Katy Bentham

Simeon Barclay: Life Room

17.03.2019, by Jazmine Linklater

On Women in the Arts: We Want Women’s Support of Female Artists

09.09.2018, by Claire Walker

A still from a film showing a person's face among a pile of hay and grasses. Their expression is pained.

Daria Martin: A Hunger Artist

19.04.2018, by Lucy Holt