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A person stands in a union-jack painted room with VR headset and tech suspended from the ceiling

Flesh Eating Zombies and Artistic Ghosts: A report on MAW 2022

29.11.2022, by George Vasey

A view of a gallery with white walls and floor. Several sculptures are visible in the frame, made up of everyday objects.

Alex Farrar: Fall, slump, drop on a bedside cabinet in water […]

26.09.2019, by Jessica Piette

George Vasey Anna Barham Newcastle

A Curatorial Conversation with George Vasey

09.04.2018, by Niomi Fitzsimmons Fairweather

Sick ardour Anna Barham ex-libris Gallery Newcastle University George Vasey

Anna Barham: Sick Ardour

16.03.2018, by Adam Heardman