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A white wall gallery space with three paintings, ones on left and right across four split canvases and the one in the middle smaller, all showing people in groups, at sea, in boats, obscured by lines and other marks on the surface of the images

Rebecca Scott: Small Boats & Family Matters

22.06.2024, by Anthony Ellis

In a dark room two huge black sculptures of a semicircular shape with a triangular gap at the bottom.

Reversed Cartography: on Liverpool Biennial 2023

29.06.2023, by Marjorie H. Morgan

An image of a derelict, formerly grandiose space with a red car covered in a giant doily in the foreground, a photographic portrait of a man in a gask mask in the middle ground, and a tapestry of football fans chanting in the background.

British Textile Biennial 2021

05.11.2021, by Claire Walker