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A black woman wearing a long pale pink turtle neck dress bends over a table to write on paper with a pen

Ayo Akingbade: Show Me the World Mister

08.07.2024, by Tennae Maki

A gallery space with a hanging screen in the centre showing footage of a broad river flowing past. Flanking the screens are two large puppet-like forms also suspended from the ceiling. Along the wall in the background are lined brightly-coloured model bridges, under-lit with coloured LEDs.

Jack Pell: Byland’s Super Saga

01.06.2024, by Megan Jones

A rectangular painting with dark blues and greens across a white canvas with lots of white space between and around

Rob Davies: Watercolours

24.07.2023, by Andee Collard

Low stools and plastic buckets in a gallery space

Fieldnotes: Brigitte Jurack

17.02.2023, by Katy Morrison

A partial view of an exhibition, there are images of civic architecture on the back wall. In the middle distance a vitrine holding three medals or coins. In the foreground is a table decorated with bunting and holding refreshments: a plate of wrapped biscuits and a jug of squash.

Navigator North: Exchange – Past, Present & Future

18.10.2021, by Debbie Rolls

A gallery space with white walls, concrete floor and pillars. There are artworks arranged throughout the space, hung on the walls and resting on the floor.

Sheffield Round-up

27.10.2018, by Louis D'Arcy-Reed

Bruce Rae: Shipbuilding on the Tyne

Bruce Rae: Shipbuilding on the Tyne

24.08.2017, by Selina Oakes

Search History

03.05.2017, by Selina Oakes

Division of Labour

19.12.2016, by Polly Checkland Harding