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A black woman wearing a long pale pink turtle neck dress bends over a table to write on paper with a pen

Ayo Akingbade: Show Me the World Mister

08.07.2024, by Tennae Maki

A woman in a keffiyeh reads off a piece of paper into a microphone accompanied by a seated man who plays the oud

Voices of Resilience

18.06.2024, by Jessica El Mal

A close up of mylar with a lit up object behind it making everything orange

Brass Art: rock, quiver, and bend

13.06.2024, by Jazmine Linklater

A white room with a window to the left, on the window ledge a model head wears a pierrot clown's hat and on the wall ahead a small painting of Jude in orange clothing with crows flying around her head

FACE-OFF: Jude Wainwright

08.06.2024, by Katy Morrison

A close-up photograph of four pies which have been covered in gold leaf positioned on a white plinth.

Place Matters…finding home

05.05.2024, by Harpreet Kaur

A white walled gallery space lit up green, on the floor in the foreground stencils for lettering reading WE ARE ALL IN A CYCLE and to the left in the back a ladder, to the right a trolley with buckets of paint

Jo Lathwood: Making Up

07.02.2024, by Jazmine Linklater

A group of people milling about and chatting in an artists studio.

Paradise Works: Open Studios

05.12.2023, by Natalie Russett

Inside the hall t Aviva Studios a crowd of people in front of a long white catwalk., with an LED sign above that reads FREE YOUR MIND, everything lit up blue

Free Your Mind

23.10.2023, by Lawrence Dunn

The shop front has two big windows on either side and a recessed door in the middle. There are pink display boards with artworks in the windows

You’ll like this exhibition because you’re in it!: an East Manchester Open

17.08.2023, by Michael D'Este

a collage of Rave night flyers collected by the artist and presented under Perspex, illuminated from the back.

Rachel Riggs: Ravenous

30.07.2023, by Chantal Oakes

An exhibition space including, to the left, a green and yellow coloured film showing plant life, and to the right a to-scale greenhouse whose glass panes are covered with black and white images of layered lines or tubes.

Nick Jordan: Natural Interaction

22.04.2023, by Neil Greenhalgh

Photograph of a stone carving from Warrington School of Art which says 'School of Art' in sandstone with carvings of fruit and plants above.

Arguments About Art Schools

04.02.2023, by Bob Dickinson

Two papier mache masks sit on a white shelf which is mounted on a white wall. One is white and one is red, and they appear to be demons or folkloric figures.

Short Supply: MADE IT 2021

28.09.2021, by Grace Edwards

A photograph showing many pipes and industrial infrastructure on top of a building.

Unveiled: open submission roundup of reopenings

09.05.2021, by Corridor8

A black and white image showing crossed legs and an elbow. The image is zoomed in so the flesh might be rocks or pebbles.

Shuttered: Short Reflections on Closed Exhibitions

28.03.2020, by various contributors

An illustration in black and grey on bright yellow. A person crouches in the foreground, next to a body lying in a box, perhaps a coffin. In the background are two burning poles, a cluster of trees and a vintage car.

‘An inward looking outer space’: a brief history of Corridor

02.10.2019, by Hannah Nussbaum

Caustic Coastal x Corridor8

16.08.2019, by James Schofield

Double Dropping Phantom Island NewBridge Project Gateshead Declan Colquitt Michaela Cullen

Declan Colquitt & Michaela Cullen: Double Dropping on a Phantom Island

07.08.2018, by Lesley Guy

2017 Writing Residency Programme Announced!


North: Identity, Photography, Fashion

30.01.2017, by Anthony Ellis

Division of Labour

19.12.2016, by Polly Checkland Harding