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A white woman with brown hair wearing black in a dark space filed with triangular shapes holds two glowing drum sticks as though mid stroke. She is looking down to the drums out of frame.

Mishka Henner: The Conductor

29.05.2024, by Jack Nicholls

Two people dance in an industrial space lit red

Diasporas Now

09.04.2024, by Michael Barnes-Wynters

The five performers captured moving together, four upright with pained expressions on their faces, they seem to be crying, and a fifth performer in light orange shirt is kneeling on the floor in front of them.

Seke Chimutengwende: It Begins in Darkness

15.11.2023, by Chantal Oakes

A gallery space with white painted walls and concrete floor. Light enters the windows along the back wall. There are several artworks in the gallery: a modified pool or snooker table, a sofa and arm chair, a green curtain, and a set of antlers mounted to the wall.

Luke Beech: Winner Breaks First

27.07.2023, by Emma Curd

A gallery space full of people standing around the edges, some sitting on cushions on the floor. There are people of all ages and genders and colours. Everyone is applauding and smiling.

x3 presents Abundance

22.03.2023, by Laura Biddle

Image shows an installation by Ebun Sodipo discussed in the article

Let the Song Hold Us

01.06.2022, by Frances Whorrall-Campbell

A view of a gallery space with blue walls and concrete floors and multiple artworks that resemble a film set

Kara Chin: Show Real & Ashley Holmes: Trust Melody

31.03.2022, by Pamela Crowe

Two sculptures resembling an underwater wreckage sits in the centre of a green-lit gallery space.

YSI Artist spotlight: Ashley Holmes

25.11.2021, by Rene Francis-McBrearty

Three people from Side by Side community drama group look through a wooden frame.

The show must go on: The reinvention of Migration Matters Festival

02.07.2020, by Evie Muir

The North West Art School Record Machine

12.01.2020, by Michael Orr

An abstract image made up out of hundreds of small squares. Like mosaic tiles or pixels. Mostly in shades of blue and black with a small pattern of light blue tiles running down the middle.

Mike Collier and Bennett Hogg: A Dawn Chorus

09.02.2019, by Dave Pritchard

Heather Phillipson BALTIC Gateshead Age of Love

Heather Phillipson: The Age of Love

19.11.2018, by Carys Rose Thomas

Sophie Lisa Beresford Abject Gallery Sunderland

Sophie Lisa Beresford: North East Style

22.08.2018, by Michaela Hall

Double Dropping Phantom Island NewBridge Project Gateshead Declan Colquitt Michaela Cullen

Declan Colquitt & Michaela Cullen: Double Dropping on a Phantom Island

07.08.2018, by Lesley Guy

Hookworms: Totality of Experience at Invisible Wind Factory

Julia Johnson explores live music as a complete artistic experience

05.03.2018, by Julia Johnson

Susan Philipsz, A Single Voice (2017). BALTIC

Susan Philipsz: A Single Voice

07.12.2017, by Lesley Guy

La Movida

29.06.2017, by Claire Walker

ARTIST ROOMS: Martin Creed

26.04.2017, by Sam Pickett

Rodney Graham: That’s Not Me

04.04.2017, by Nathan Anthony

John Hyatt: Rock Art

22.03.2017, by Neil Greenhalgh

PRISM – Lionel Dobie Project, The SWAYS Bunker