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Close up of section of the Installation, Multispecies Visionary Institute by Sabina Sallis at Gymnasium Gallery.

Sabina Sallis: Multispecies Visionary Institute

19.08.2021, by Michele Allen

James Thompson and Samra Mayanja performing 'Recording Performance II — Memorial to Queen Victoria statue' in Leeds, 2019.

Commemorative Space: Artist reflections on monumentality in Leeds

01.04.2021, by Emii Alrai, Simeon Barclay, Samra Mayanja, Jill McKnight and James Thompson; ed. Rebecca Senior


14.02.2021, by Natalie Bradbury

Magnetic North: direction of travel at Compass Live Art

15.12.2020, by Pamela Crowe

The show must go on: The reinvention of Migration Matters Festival

02.07.2020, by Evie Muir

Taus Makhacheva: Hold Your Horses

16.03.2020, by Pamela Crowe

In their own words: New Contemporaries artists on using language in their practice

20.01.2020, by Lara Eggleton

Call it what you like. Art as words, spoken and heard

21.11.2019, by Amelia Crouch

In response to changing practice: New Writing with New Contemporaries

An insider report on Corridor8's collaboration with New Contemporaries, and the growing need to support artists working with language

18.09.2019, by Holly Grange

Eileen Simpson and Ben White: Open Music Archive

12.08.2019, by Claire Walker

Chloë Brown: A Soft Rebellion in Paradise

16.06.2019, by Holly Grange

Senga Nengudi

28.10.2018, by Rachel Graves

Lady Kitt: WORTH

26.10.2018, by Sarah Davies

Harriet Rickard: Poor Image Projects

27.07.2018, by Anna Ratcliffe

Helen Shaddock Word South Shields

Helen Shaddock: Themselves Here Together

16.06.2018, by Sarah Davies

Daria Martin: A Hunger Artist

19.04.2018, by Lucy Holt

Doremi Artist Residency and Open Weekend 2017

04.12.2017, by Sam Pickett

Michael Flechtner: Animating Neon

28.11.2017, by Lisa-Marie Dickinson

Lindsey Bull and Plastique Fantastique

03.08.2017, by Nathalie Mayer

Approaching Nocturne

01.08.2017, by Karen Tobias-Green

So What of the Future

02.07.2017, by Saffron Ward

Ambiguous Utopia: Photo courtesy of Alexandra Hughes

Meikle, Frew & Raven: Ambiguous Utopia

23.06.2017, by Liam McCabe

Nicola Singh: The sounds are bouncing around us…

12.05.2017, by Eleanor Benson

David Steans: Crime World

02.05.2017, by Bethan Hughes

ARTIST ROOMS: Martin Creed

26.04.2017, by Sam Pickett

X≠Y: How to put up a shelf (V)

07.04.2017, by Karen Tobias-Green

The Learning Web: Thoughts on William Noel Clarke’s God Dead Confused

04.04.2017, by Fred Mikardo-Greaves

PRISM – Lionel Dobie Project, The SWAYS Bunker