Elspeth Mitchell

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An image of three cut-out artworks against a dark green wall. They depict a vase, a star or sun, and a trio of hills.

Remembering the Bauhaus in Playing by Eye

28.12.2018, by Samantha Broadhead

A visitor stands looking at a white sculpture hanging in a gallery space.

The Hepworth Prize for Sculpture 2018

05.12.2018, by Paula Chambers

An artist's film screened in a gallery space. On screen is a view of a person's legs in blue light. In the surrounding gallery is a neon green work lighting the room.

Simeon Barclay: Bus2move

12.11.2018, by Laura Clarke

A black and white image of a body in the crab position. The back of their head and arms are visible to the viewer, while the rest of their body is foreshortened. Protruding from their body, and extending up onto the walls, are black fabric strings.

Senga Nengudi

28.10.2018, by Rachel Graves

A view of a colourful and complex art installation. There are lots of sculptural objects and shapes in shades of pale pink, blue, green and yellow.

Tai Shani: Semiramis

09.10.2018, by Rachel Graves

An old fashioned computer screen showing a person's face with dark hair flowing out around them. Their face is being manipulated and squashed by clear tape, applied by hands at the edges of the screen.

Mitra Saboury: Growth Spurt

30.09.2018, by Karen Tobias-Green

A gallery with white walls and grey floor, with metal beams and skylights. There are a selection of works displayed in the room, including sculpture on plinths, works hung on the wall and from the beams.

Bloc Projects Members Show 2018

16.08.2018, by Yasmine Rix

An installation with a series of flags in dark blue with a white design. On the white wall behind is an illustration of a person falling.

Chris Alton and Liam Geary Baulch: The Ballad of The White Ship

13.08.2018, by Saffron Ward

A view of a darkened room, with an artist's film projected on the back wall.

Harriet Rickard: Poor Image Projects

27.07.2018, by Anna Ratcliffe

A large sculpture in a gallery. It is composed of twigs, branches and leaves forming the shape of a bower (an inverted arch)

Andy & Peter Holden: Natural Selection

29.06.2018, by Natalie Bradbury

A view of a gallery space with white walls and pink floor. There are many works throughout the space, including freestanding sculptures and paintings on the wall.

Leeds Degree Show Round-up

25.06.2018, by Louis D’Arcy-Reed

A slightly blurred image of a merlin (a bird of prey) in motion.

Kate Whiteford: Wings of Desire

19.06.2018, by Karen Tobias-Green

A room in a gallery with wooden floor and panelled walls. The room seems to be entirely filled by a large red ball. A visitor stands beside it.

Material Environments

17.05.2018, by Louis D’Arcy-Reed

A corner of a gallery. On one wall large beaded strings hang together. On the other wall a series of colourful photographs are displayed.

Talking Rubbish with Joanne Lee, Joanna Rucklidge and Frazer Hudson

15.05.2018, by Alice Bradshaw

View of a gallery space completely overlaid with collaged imagery on the walls and floor. It features the faces of characters and words against a fire or lava-like background.

Adcredo: The Deep Belief Network by Joey Holder

09.05.2018, by Abi Mitchell

View of a gallery with white walls and floor. There are several sculptural works on display, including a metal screen that partly obscures the view.

Simona Brinkmann: Override & Ellie Collins: Sweepings

28.04.2018, by Karen Tobias-Green

A still from a film showing a person's face among a pile of hay and grasses. Their expression is pained.

Daria Martin: A Hunger Artist

19.04.2018, by Lucy Holt

A room suffused with orange and peach light. In a circle, a view of a pillar is visible. Several objects such as a twig are visible resting on the floor.

Anne Hardy: Falling and Walking (phhhhhhhhhhh phossshhhhh crrhhhhzzz mn huaooogh)

11.04.2018, by Jack Welsh

An abstract painting in white and cream, made up of individual rectangles and grids.

Paint North

29.03.2018, by Karen Tobias-Green

Two figures wearing large rock masks stand in a landscape.

Conroy/Sanderson: Here I Am

23.03.2018, by Lucy Holt

A person looks at an artwork mounted on the gallery wall. The work shows a person's back, overwritten with text.

Queerology: What Have You Done For Me Lately?

22.03.2018, by Alice Bradshaw

Two people stand in a darkened room, with a white light shining through them.

Anthony McCall: Solid Light Works

20.03.2018, by Gertrude Gibbons

Aitor Gonzalez and Noel Clueit: Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop

17.03.2018, by Lisa-Marie Dickinson

Sheila Gaffney and Linda Schwab: Me & You

11.03.2018, by Samantha Broadhead

A darkened room with three artist's films showing a man, some bookshelves and a view through a round window.

Madiha Aijaz: These Silences Are All the Words

27.02.2018, by Fiona Allen

A painting in green on a white background showing a frog. Text reads: 'frog king john'

School Prints

14.02.2018, by Natalie Bradbury

A wooden A-frame sign advertising Ground Zine Fair, Zines and Books.

Ground Zine Fair 2

08.02.2018, by Jay Drinkall

A view of a gallery wall in dark blue, with a wooden floor. Seven framed works are hung on the wall.

Rebecca Lowe: Inhabiting Stone

30.01.2018, by Derek Horton

A TV screen and set of speakers in a gallery space. The room is suffused with a blue-grey light. The floor is littered with pieces of paper. There are large square benches arranged for visitors to sit.

Ben Jeans Houghton: 2ndlife

26.01.2018, by Lucy Holt

A hanging sculpture depicting a brain, with cloud like forms. it is made from plywood with coloured glass inserts. The shadow of the work falls on the wall behind, where it intertwines with a drawing in black on the white surface.

Saelia Aparicio: Your Consequences Have Actions

10.01.2018, by Robbie di Vito

A large fabric wall covering in shades of green, blue and red. The shapes of animals can be made out. On the floor in front are small sculptures, and other works can be seen hung on the walls of the room.

Jill & Josh & Their Dead Petz

06.01.2018, by Saffron Ward

Two soft white shapes interlocking, as though embracing. They rest on a blue plinth.

Veronica Ryan: Salvage

01.01.2018, by Karen Tobias-Green

A metal cage in a woodland landscape.

Alfredo Jaar: The Garden of Good and Evil

23.12.2017, by Selina Oakes

An image of two porcelain jugs. Both have been painted on by the artist, who has added tender portaits of black people to both. The paintings are vivid and overlaid on the existing patterns of the pieces.

Beyond the Wilderness Years: Lubaina Himid and the Turner Prize 2017

11.12.2017, by Orla Foster

View of a gallery space with white walls and pale wooden floor. There are several works visible: a vitrine with black legs and several small TVs screening artists' films.

A Feminist Space at Leeds: Looking Back to Think Forwards

09.12.2017, by Lucy Holt

A close up of a print in dark blue, with fragmented letter forms in white.

These Northern Types

06.12.2017, by Jay Drinkall