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Feature — 09.07.2020

Weathering Covid-19: Emerging creatives discuss adaptation and recent practices

Tyne and Wear

by Christie Yung-hei Chan

Feature — 28.03.2020

Shuttered: Short Reflections on Closed Exhibitions

by various contributors

Feature — 29.02.2020

Creative Conversations: Black Women Artists Making and Doing

Institute for Black Atlantic Research, Preston

by Mandla Rae

Feature — 03.12.2019

Critic Turns Curator: Investigating Neutrality at OUTPUT Gallery

OUTPUT Gallery, Liverpool

by Sufea Mohamad Noor

Feature — 21.11.2019

Call it what you like. Art as words, spoken and heard

Leeds Art Gallery, Leeds

by Amelia Crouch

Feature — 18.09.2019

In response to changing practice: New Writing with New Contemporaries

An insider report on Corridor8's collaboration with New Contemporaries, and the growing need to support artists working with language

by Holly Grange

Feature — 01.08.2019

Pavilion Artists Moving Image Network: Screening Weekend

Pavilion & Hyde Park Picture House, Leeds

by Nina de Paula Hanika

Feature — 06.02.2019

Who’s Seen Jerome?

Leeds Arts University, Leeds

by Saffron Ward

Feature — 28.12.2018

Remembering the Bauhaus in Playing by Eye

Leeds Arts University, Leeds

by Samantha Broadhead

Feature — 08.12.2018

Manifesto and the future at Rogue Artists’ Studios

Rogue Artists’ Studios, Manchester

by James Mathews-Hiskett

Feature — 30.10.2018

Ways of Making: Mir Jansen and Penny Withers

Yorkshire Artspace, Sheffield

by Lucy Holt

Feature — 07.03.2018

Ways of Making: Markets, gardens and points of connection

Yorkshire Artspace, Sheffield

by Lucy Holt

Feature — 18.12.2017

Trust New Art?

by Tom Emery

Feature — 14.12.2017

Idle Women: Shifting Loyalties gathering 2017


by Laura Harris

Feature — 11.12.2017

Beyond the Wilderness Years: Lubaina Himid and the Turner Prize 2017

Ferens Art Gallery, Hull

by Orla Foster

Feature — 21.09.2017

A Turn Out in Hull

Ferens Art Gallery, Hull

by Orla Foster

Feature — 28.07.2017

From black screen to black screen (repeat).

Castlefield Gallery, Manchester

by Iris Priest

Feature — 02.06.2017

Art, Audience and Economy: How should we value the arts in the North of England?

BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead; Hepworth Wakefield, Wakefield; Tate Liverpool, Liverpool

by Tom Hopkin

Feature — 11.04.2017

Things, Money, Art, Work, Class

by Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau

Feature — 04.04.2017

The Learning Web: Thoughts on William Noel Clarke’s God Dead Confused

serf studios, Leeds

by Fred Mikardo-Greaves

Feature — 02.03.2017

Time’s ticking, that’s all.

Holden Gallery, Manchester; Idle Women, Lancashire

by Sara Jaspan

Feature — 14.02.2017

Latent Voices: How public art of the past can speak in the present

Henry Moore Institute, BALTIC, Bessie Surtees House

by Amelia Crouch

Feature — 09.02.2017

What if John Wayne were a woman?

Leeds College of Art, Leeds

by Elspeth Mitchell

Feature — 12.01.2017

Gourd Grief: Consuming without Conscience

The Tetley, Leeds

by Abi Mitchell

Feature — 07.12.2015

Bedrooms and Bombsites: Matthew Crawley’s Life Cycle of a Mould Mite and Thomas Hirschhorn’s In-Between

South London Gallery, London; Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun, Leeds

by Lara Eggleton

Feature — 25.10.2015

Editorial: Creating a Cultural Corridor

by Lauren Velvick

Feature — 19.09.2015

Spotlight: Tuvalu Pavillion, La Biennale di Venezia

Venice, Italy

by Jane Lawson

Feature — 26.05.2015

Fay Ballard: House Clearance

&Model, Leeds

by Bob Dickinson