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Middlesbrough Art Weekender 2021

20.10.2021, by Annie O'Donnell

Archive image of arts activity at South Square, Bradford

We’ll Start All Over Again: Embedded Arts Practice and the Post-industrial North

11.08.2021, by Andy Abbott

Preview: Yorkshire Sculpture International Summer 2021 Programme

07.07.2021, by Tessa Norton

A forest is shown in low sunlight, as though in winter or at dusk. The image is in shades of dark brown, green, blue and orange where light strikes the trees.

Barnaby Bright: New Commissions

17.06.2021, by Neil Greenhalgh

Unveiled: open submission roundup of reopenings

09.05.2021, by Corridor8

Reset or rewild: perspectives on future arts infrastructures

13.02.2021, by Dr. Susan Jones

Weathering Covid-19: Emerging creatives discuss adaptation and recent practices

09.07.2020, by Christie Yung-hei Chan

Shuttered: Short Reflections on Closed Exhibitions

28.03.2020, by various contributors

Creative Conversations: Black Women Artists Making and Doing

29.02.2020, by Mandla Rae

A City That Welcomes Art: Three Sheffield artists reflect on winning major prizes

28.02.2020, by Orla Foster

Critic Turns Curator: Investigating Neutrality at OUTPUT Gallery

03.12.2019, by Sufea Mohamad Noor

Call it what you like. Art as words, spoken and heard

21.11.2019, by Amelia Crouch

In response to changing practice: New Writing with New Contemporaries

An insider report on Corridor8's collaboration with New Contemporaries, and the growing need to support artists working with language

18.09.2019, by Holly Grange

Pavilion Artists Moving Image Network: Screening Weekend

01.08.2019, by Nina de Paula Hanika

Who’s Seen Jerome?

06.02.2019, by Saffron Ward

Remembering the Bauhaus in Playing by Eye

28.12.2018, by Samantha Broadhead

Manifesto and the future at Rogue Artists’ Studios

08.12.2018, by James Mathews-Hiskett

Ways of Making: Mir Jansen and Penny Withers

30.10.2018, by Lucy Holt

Ways of Making: Markets, gardens and points of connection

07.03.2018, by Lucy Holt

Trust New Art?

18.12.2017, by Tom Emery

Idle Women: Shifting Loyalties gathering 2017

14.12.2017, by Laura Harris

Beyond the Wilderness Years: Lubaina Himid and the Turner Prize 2017

11.12.2017, by Orla Foster

A Turn Out in Hull

21.09.2017, by Orla Foster

From black screen to black screen (repeat).

28.07.2017, by Iris Priest

Art, Audience and Economy: How should we value the arts in the North of England?

02.06.2017, by Tom Hopkin

Things, Money, Art, Work, Class

11.04.2017, by Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau

The Learning Web: Thoughts on William Noel Clarke’s God Dead Confused

04.04.2017, by Fred Mikardo-Greaves

Time’s ticking, that’s all.

02.03.2017, by Sara Jaspan

Latent Voices: How public art of the past can speak in the present

Henry Moore Institute, BALTIC, Bessie Surtees House

14.02.2017, by Amelia Crouch

What if John Wayne were a woman?

09.02.2017, by Elspeth Mitchell

Gourd Grief: Consuming without Conscience

12.01.2017, by Abi Mitchell

Bedrooms and Bombsites: Matthew Crawley’s Life Cycle of a Mould Mite and Thomas Hirschhorn’s In-Between

07.12.2015, by Lara Eggleton

Editorial: Creating a Cultural Corridor

25.10.2015, by Lauren Velvick

Spotlight: Tuvalu Pavillion, La Biennale di Venezia

19.09.2015, by Jane Lawson

Fay Ballard: House Clearance

26.05.2015, by Bob Dickinson