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ARCHIVE: Art School Alternatives

Film of the Art School Alternatives at Liverpool Biennial 2010

John Moore’s University Art & Design Academy, the Johnson Foundation Auditorium. Trailer film. Comprehensive film of the artist-led workshops and discussions exploring alternative concepts and structures of learning can be found on the Art School Alternatives site,

Symposium chaired by Derek Horton and initiated/produced by Laura Mansfield.

Films by Carl Davies

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‘Unmitigated’, A Latento #3 (2009, ISSN 1755-5787, Eds: Alex Farrar, Harry Meadley & Iona Smith).

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Participants in the Corridor8 symposium have since been involved in the formation of Strategies for Free Education (, an artist-led think tank and action group run by members of Disrupt Dominant Frequencies ( and No Fixed Abode ( Upcoming is a conference with a more local educational slant by discussion platform Millpond ( and student co-operative SLICE (

Following the symposium, Islington Mill Art Academy ( have visited fellow participants Department 21 ( and symposium attendees The Glasgow Open School (

Symposium participant Lady Lucy’s current exhibition Whitechapel Gallery Staff Portrait Studio is open to the public until the 22nd of May 2011 at Whitechapel Gallery, London.

In March 2011 symposium attendees Alternative Strategies played host to a series of open discussions, screenings and workshops which stem from the desire to look creatively, critically and productively at different ways of approaching self-organised education and methods for building on and disseminating knowledge.

Further information

Please see for more information on the symposium and updates on the day’s discussions.

Laura Mansfield is currently co-editing with the ICIA, University of Bath, a publication on interdisciplinary art practice, due to be published March 2012.