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An older white man with white hair, glasses and wearing a checked shirt is facing away from the camera and writing on kitchen cabinet doors using paint markers. There is multi coloured writing all over the cabinets and a box of markers in the foreground.

Widening Participation? In conversation with two recent graduates

28.05.2021, by Lauren Velvick

A Body on the Ground: an interview with Kedisha Coakley

29.04.2021, by Steve Allen

Chris Alton: Throughout the Fragment of Infinity That We Have Come to Know

25.03.2020, by Lesley Guy

After a decade of Corridor8, why we’re changing how we work

06.01.2020, by Lara Eggleton and Lauren Velvick

The Dirt I’m Made Of: Two Interviews about OUTPUT Gallery

27.10.2019, by Callan Waldron-Hall

Discussing Supersymmetry

15.09.2019, by Matthew Merrick

East Leeds Project: an interview with Kerry Harker and Claire Irving

30.08.2019, by Joanna Jowett

Caustic Coastal x Corridor8

16.08.2019, by James Schofield

Annabel McCourt: Suffering Arcadia

08.07.2019, by Martha Cattell

Barby Asante BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art Gateshead Rene McBrearty

Discussing Barby Asante’s Declaration of Independence

25.04.2019, by Katy Bentham

Asia Triennial Manchester 2018

In Conversation with Alnoor Mitha, Founding Artistic Director of Asia Triennial Manchester

16.11.2018, by Jessica El Mal

Tim Etchells TATE Modern London

Swimming Against the Tide: an interview with Tim Etchells

15.08.2018, by Susie Pentelow

Talking Rubbish with Joanne Lee, Joanna Rucklidge and Frazer Hudson

15.05.2018, by Alice Bradshaw

George Vasey Anna Barham Newcastle

A Curatorial Conversation with George Vasey

09.04.2018, by Niomi Fitzsimmons Fairweather

Aitor Gonzalez and Noel Clueit: Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop

17.03.2018, by Lisa-Marie Dickinson


12.12.2017, by Mark Jackson, Stacey Davidson & Juliet Fleming

Paradise Works x VITRINE

05.12.2017, by Hilary Jack & Helena Kate Whittingham

Rebecca Halliwell-Sutton - Woon Fellowship

Rebecca Halliwell-Sutton on her Woon Tai Jee Fellowship

24.11.2017, by Helena Whittingham

Political Activism in Paint: an interview with Lubaina Himid

06.11.2017, by Siobhán Forshaw

School Of The Damned, Merz Barn residency, Cumbria – Part Two

23.10.2017, by James Schofield

School Of The Damned, Merz Barn residency, Cumbria – Part One

23.10.2017, by James Schofield

2017 BXNU Graduate MFA Exhibition - I Remember Most What Never Happened. Photo courtesy of Colin Davison.

BxNU MFA: I Remember Most What Never Happened

12.07.2017, by Andrea Allan

Sarah-Joy Ford on Cut Cloth

01.07.2017, by Elspeth Mitchell

Interview Survey: Doremifasolasido

24.10.2016, by Jackie Haynes

Toby Paterson on the Hatton Gallery commission for a touring pavilion

19.10.2016, by Christopher Little

Franko B


Benjamin Orlow, Work/Leisure Residency

04.05.2016, by Michael D’Este

The Royal Standard at Le Temple Du Gout, Nantes

28.03.2016, by Margaux Foucret and Harlan Whittingham

Jesse Wine × Corridor8

04.02.2016, by James Schofield

Katrina Palmer, The Necropolitan Line

21.12.2015, by Anna Ratcliffe

Nyaba Ouedraogo, The Phantoms of Congo River

14.11.2015, by Naomi Cull

Paul Bramley and Jenny Eden


Henry Northcroft Brown and Joseph Whitmore


Grand Union × Supercollider


Kwong Lee, Castlefield Gallery


Caustic Coastal × Corridor8 Part 2