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Interview — 29.04.2021

A Body on the Ground: an interview with Kedisha Coakley

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

by Steve Allen

Interview — 25.03.2020

Chris Alton: Throughout the Fragment of Infinity That We Have Come to Know

The NewBridge Project : Gateshead

by Lesley Guy

Interview — 06.01.2020

After a decade of Corridor8, why we’re changing how we work

by Lara Eggleton and Lauren Velvick

Interview — 27.10.2019

The Dirt I’m Made Of: Two Interviews about OUTPUT Gallery

OUTPUT Gallery, Liverpool

by Callan Waldron-Hall

Interview — 15.09.2019

Discussing Supersymmetry

The Turnpike, Leigh

by Matthew Merrick

Interview — 30.08.2019

East Leeds Project: an interview with Kerry Harker and Claire Irving

East Leeds Project, Leeds

by Joanna Jowett

Interview — 16.08.2019

Caustic Coastal x Corridor8

Caustic Coastal, Salford

by James Schofield

Interview — 08.07.2019

Annabel McCourt: Suffering Arcadia

Scarborough Art Gallery; Scarborough

by Martha Cattell

Interview — 25.04.2019

Discussing Barby Asante’s Declaration of Independence

BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead

by Katy Bentham

Interview — 15.08.2018

Swimming Against the Tide: an interview with Tim Etchells

BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead; VITRINE, London

by Susie Pentelow

Interview — 15.05.2018

Talking Rubbish with Joanne Lee, Joanna Rucklidge and Frazer Hudson

SIA (Sheffield Institute of Arts), Sheffield

by Alice Bradshaw

Interview — 09.04.2018

A Curatorial Conversation with George Vasey

Ferens Art Gallery, Hull; Ex-Libris Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne

by Niomi Fitzsimmons Fairweather

Interview — 17.03.2018

Aitor Gonzalez and Noel Clueit: Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop

Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, Edinburgh

by Lisa-Marie Dickinson

Interview — 12.12.2017


Manchester Central, Manchester

by Mark Jackson, Stacey Davidson & Juliet Fleming

Interview — 05.12.2017

Paradise Works x VITRINE

Manchester Central, Manchester

by Hilary Jack & Helena Kate Whittingham

Interview — 24.11.2017

Rebecca Halliwell-Sutton on her Woon Tai Jee Fellowship

Gallery North, Newcastle upon Tyne; BALTIC 39, Newcastle upon Tyne

by Helena Whittingham

Interview — 06.11.2017

Political Activism in Paint: an interview with Lubaina Himid

Ferens Art Gallery, Hull

by Siobhán Forshaw

Interview — 23.10.2017

School Of The Damned, Merz Barn residency, Cumbria – Part Two

Merz Barn; Cumbria

by James Schofield

Interview — 23.10.2017

School Of The Damned, Merz Barn residency, Cumbria – Part One

Merz Barn; Cumbria

by James Schofield

Interview — 12.07.2017

BxNU MFA: I Remember Most What Never Happened

BALTIC 39, Newcastle upon Tyne

by Andrea Allan

Interview — 01.07.2017

Sarah-Joy Ford on Cut Cloth

The Portico Library, Manchester

by Elspeth Mitchell

Interview — 24.10.2016

Interview Survey: Doremifasolasido

Florence Arts Centre, Cumbria

by Jackie Haynes

Interview — 19.10.2016

Toby Paterson on the Hatton Gallery commission for a touring pavilion

Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums; Hatton Gallery

by Christopher Little

Interview — 05.08.2016

Franko B


Interview — 04.05.2016

Benjamin Orlow, Work/Leisure Residency

Abingdon Studios, Blackpool

by Michael D’Este

Interview — 28.03.2016

The Royal Standard at Le Temple Du Gout, Nantes

Le Temple Du Gout, Nantes, France

by Margaux Foucret and Harlan Whittingham

Interview — 04.02.2016

Jesse Wine × Corridor8


by James Schofield

Interview — 21.12.2015

Katrina Palmer, The Necropolitan Line

Henry Moore Institute, Leeds

by Anna Ratcliffe

Interview — 14.11.2015

Nyaba Ouedraogo, The Phantoms of Congo River

Manchester Museum, Manchester

by Naomi Cull

Interview — 12.10.2015

Paul Bramley and Jenny Eden

Sunny Banks Mills, West Yorkshire

Interview — 28.09.2015

Henry Northcroft Brown and Joseph Whitmore

Crown Building Studios, Liverpool

Interview — 26.09.2015

Grand Union × Supercollider

Supercollider; Manchester

Interview — 10.09.2015

Kwong Lee, Castlefield Gallery

Castlefield Gallery, Manchester

Interview — 20.08.2015

Caustic Coastal × Corridor8 Part 2

Caustic Coastal, Manchester

Interview — 17.08.2015

Caustic Coastal × Corridor8 Part 1

Caustic Coastal, Manchester