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A white wall gallery space with three paintings, ones on left and right across four split canvases and the one in the middle smaller, all showing people in groups, at sea, in boats, obscured by lines and other marks on the surface of the images

Rebecca Scott: Small Boats & Family Matters

22.06.2024, by Anthony Ellis

Photograph showing two of Dean Kennings 'crawlers' face one another

Dean Kenning: Evolutionary Love

14.04.2022, by Anthony Ellis

The black silhouette of the artist wearing a baseball cap is visible in front of a green pram containing a bright pink humanoid form collaged from various types of fabric and mannequin bodyparts.

Mark Woods: Absorption

05.09.2021, by Danielle Ash


22.11.2020, by Laura Biddle

Made With…

25.07.2020, by Daniel Newsham


17.07.2019, by Derek Horton