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Exploration — 09.05.2021

Unveiled: open submission roundup of reopenings

Across the North of England

by Corridor8

Exploration — 01.04.2021

Commemorative Space: Artist reflections on monumentality in Leeds


by Emii Alrai, Simeon Barclay, Samra Mayanja, Jill McKnight and James Thompson; ed. Rebecca Senior

Exploration — 14.01.2021

Coincidence and Constellations

Leeds Arts University

by Cathy Garner

Exploration — 10.12.2020

The Indoor Park


by Tom Whyman

Exploration — 08.12.2020

The front line of creativity: contested art in non-art spaces

by Paul Drury-Bradey

Exploration — 12.10.2020


Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art, Middlesbrough

by Jade French

Exploration — 23.09.2020

An Art Editor’s Manifesto

by Lara Eggleton

Exploration — 28.08.2020

Same Ocean

North West

by Nick Stephens

Exploration — 04.06.2020

Reflections of a curator in lockdown

Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art, Middlesbrough

by Aidan Moesby

Exploration — 21.05.2020

What is the future? Reflections from Blackburn

by Laura Brown

Exploration — 07.05.2020

Sara Barker: All Clouds are Clocks, All Clocks are Clouds

Leeds Art Gallery, Leeds

by Holly Grange

Exploration — 02.10.2019

‘An inward looking outer space’: a brief history of Corridor

by Hannah Nussbaum

Exploration — 14.07.2019

She’s Eclectic: Women Artists of the Victoria Gallery & Museum Collection

Victoria Gallery and Museum, Liverpool

by Ed Montana-Williams

Exploration — 25.03.2019

Re-collections: Susan Hiller, Elizabeth Price, Georgina Starr

Site Gallery, Sheffield

by Amelia Crouch

Exploration — 20.02.2019

Being in the Ultiverse

The Tetley, Leeds

by Samra Mayanja

Exploration — 13.02.2019

Artist Run Multiverse Summit

Eastside Projects, Birmingham

by Lauren Velvick

Exploration — 24.11.2018

Grayson Perry: The Vanity of Small Differences

Grundy Art Gallery, Blackpool

by Claire Walker

Exploration — 17.09.2018

The List, Its Destruction and What This Means for Liverpool


by Julia Johnson

Exploration — 12.08.2018

Adventures in Ekphrasis: a Report, a Consideration

Leeds Art Gallery, Leeds

by Emma Bolland

Exploration — 01.05.2018

Museums in a Post-Colonial Commonwealth: identities, issues and opportunities

Museum of Liverpool, Liverpool

by Julia Johnson

Exploration — 27.03.2018

Trade of Paper

Humber Street Gallery, Hull

by Devon Forrester-Jones

Exploration — 05.02.2018


by Emma Bolland

Exploration — 18.11.2017

No Two People: Andrew Lister & Rosie Vohra

Assembly House, Leeds

by Liam McCabe

Exploration — 13.04.2015

Writers Respond: Kirsten Luckins in response to Conscience and Conflict, British Artists and the Spanish Civil War

Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne

by Kirsten Luckins

Exploration — 19.03.2015

Writers Respond: Kirsten Luckins in response to Sabina Sallis, The Source of Resilience

The NewBridge Project, Newcastle upon Tyne

by Kirsten Luckins

Exploration — 26.05.2012

Paraphrase, Contemporary Six


by Alice Bradshaw

Exploration — 22.05.2012

FutureEverything 2012: Blast Theory


by Jessica Campbell

Exploration — 21.05.2012

Manchester Salon Weekend 2012


by Alice Bradshaw