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Looking out of the front windows of a trolley-bus, you see a path leading through a mausoleum

Digital Vapour Trails: Ronnie Danaher in profile

27.06.2024, by Abi Mitchell

A woman in a keffiyeh reads off a piece of paper into a microphone accompanied by a seated man who plays the oud

Voices of Resilience

18.06.2024, by Jessica El Mal

A group of people of varying ages gathered in a public square or street in front of an old shop front

This is Nelson

05.06.2024, by Natalie Hughes

An image of a garden at night. In the foreground plants and flowers, close up and blured. In the middle, offset to the left, a smooth white orb or ball. Behind it the rest of the garden, or landscape in silhouette against a blue night sky

Emotional weather and climates of change – the work of Aidan Moesby

29.05.2024, by Dave Pritchard

A close-up photograph of four pies which have been covered in gold leaf positioned on a white plinth.

Place Matters…finding home

05.05.2024, by Harpreet Kaur

A dark room with deep red bean bags in front of a large film screen which shows a man with white in his beard, semi-transparent laid over the image of a hill

To Mourn and To Remember: Memory Stone by Nikta Mohammadi

12.04.2024, by Jessica El Mal

A close up of a champagne coloured cushion with a small pin, the head of the pin is a red plastic love heart.

Closed Enough

22.03.2024, by Kate Liston

A group of people of various ages and races sit around the room listening, some lie back with arms cross and all have their eyes shut

SHOP & The Future of Listening by Niki Colclough

13.03.2024, by James McColl

A group of adults and young children sit on the floor with a selection colourful paper and pencils.

Mothers Apart

03.02.2024, by Lara Eggleton

A woman with pale skin and red hair, photographed from just below the shoulders, is holding a piece of coal between fingers and thumb of each hand over where her eyes would be. Her arms and shoulders are naked. behind her, out of focus, is a rural landscape.

Alexandra Clod and Karolina Uskakovych: (Re)Grounding

02.11.2023, by Tom Jeffreys

Five long tables laid with afternoon tea with balloons and bunting, it looks like a real party!

MET (Mobile Event Tent)

28.10.2023, by Steve Slack

A large space with white walls and wooden floor, the ceiling is rigged with lights. There are a number of large beanbags on the floor, some have people sat in them. There is a large table at the back of the room with ten or so chairs around it. People mill around the space. Hanging on the back wall is a large patchwork hanging, large diamonds of coloured fabric stitched together. Another more simple square designed hanging is on the wall to our right.

Nominally Sovereign

02.10.2023, by Kate Liston

A group of people, some wearing facemasks, sitting and standing, assembled around a table speaking, drawing and taking notes.

UNIDEE 2020-2022: Reflections on Embedded Arts Practice in (post)pandemic times

20.07.2023, by Alessandra Saviotti

Photograph of a field of daisies taken from a low angle.

The Farmer’s Arms: Corridor8 behind the scenes & away from the screen

14.07.2023, by Lauren Velvick

In a dark room two huge black sculptures of a semicircular shape with a triangular gap at the bottom.

Reversed Cartography: on Liverpool Biennial 2023

29.06.2023, by Marjorie H. Morgan

A charcoal drawing of a large shaded circle next to a small one

Heather Peak: Out of step

23.06.2023, by Katy Morrison

In the centre of the space is a long black carpet with multicoloured patterns, and three clothed dressmaker's mannequins.

Late and Soon: A Conversation About Margaret Harrison and Conrad Atkinson

15.06.2023, by Lauren Velvick & Bernie Velvick

A photograph of a grassy clearing in a park with someone lying on the ground.

With For About: Care and the Commons

14.06.2023, by Grace Edwards

Several pairs of hands reach for plants and gloves during a gardening session.

Around you the landscape lies transfigured: Arts Catalyst’s home and garden in Sheffield

24.05.2023, by Linda Pittwood

A person sits on a bence in a park lit up by purple and orange light, watching a video of a row of people holding flowers, inside a pitched-roof house structure.

Lou Chapelle: Voicing Silence

14.03.2023, by Jay Drinkall

The image shows an installation view of the exhibition 'Two Plus Two Makes Four' at The Auxiliary project space in Middlesborough. A large wall-mounted work in bright orange neon strip lighting reads 'GONE TO GET HELP' and sits just above a bench supporting 6 cacti arranged in ascending order. In the foreground two small monitor screens sit atop welded steel mounts.

Two Plus Two Makes Four

02.03.2023, by Uma Breakdown

A discarded fridge freezer against a brick wall with a painted woman beside it and man's legs sticking out

Banksy and Freezing Out the Victim

18.02.2023, by Hayley Flynn

Photograph of a stone carving from Warrington School of Art which says 'School of Art' in sandstone with carvings of fruit and plants above.

Arguments About Art Schools

04.02.2023, by Bob Dickinson

A wall hung sculpture made of terracotta tiles in the shape of a skirt.

Emma Gregory: dynamics of care

23.01.2023, by Julia Johnson

A woman stands sewing a white sheer dress on a mannequin stand in a darkened gallery space under a spotlight.

Curating Home

09.01.2023, by Uthra Rajgopal

A row of seated people listen to a woman in a green summer dress speaking

In-Situ is Ten!

15.12.2022, by Natalie Hughes

Illustration by Millie Chesters showing a figure completing a series of different tasks in six panels

Juggle and Keep Receipts: on current conditions for working artists and arts workers

03.11.2022, by Tom Taylor

An ariel photograph of a group of people in colourful clothes having a picnic on fabric squares in a rectangular formation, in the middle of a moorland path.

Artist A & Artist B: In the Pockets of a Parachute

28.09.2022, by Danielle Ash

Photo of a group of people in an artspace around a table.

Tactics For Togetherness: An Obituary

20.09.2022, by Ian Nesbitt

A black and grey mottled glazed ceramic sculpture resembling a small broken shelter

The texture of the moon is silence

30.06.2022, by Emii Alrai

A photo of a hand held lighly against the front of a tshirt.

A reflection on CHASM: Live Art in isolation

16.06.2022, by Samra Mayanja

photo of a man and child talking beside windows looking out over a town


16.06.2022, by Josh Coates

A concrete block of flats with rainbow cladding, against a grey sky and across from a smoke stack.

The revival of the city

05.05.2022, by Leila Kozma

A multi generational family sits in a waiting area of an airport with their luggage.

Late Home

17.03.2022, by JJ Chan