The Team

Photograph of two smiling women in white shirts standing behind a table with colourful publications and wine glasses, in a gallery foyer.
Lara and Lauren at Northern Formations launch, Henry Moore Institute, 2022.

Board of Directors

Lara Eggleton, Sufea Mohamad Noor, Zoe Sawyer, James Schofield and Lauren Velvick

Director/ Managing Editor

Lara Eggleton

Director/ Contributing Editor/ Finance Officer

Lauren Velvick

Regional Editors

Merseyside and Cheshire: Laura Harris and Natalie Hughes

Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Cumbria: Jazmine Linklater

Yorkshire and the Humber: Benjamin Barra

Northumberland, County Durham, Tyne and Wear: Lesley Guy


Michael Butterworth

Previous regional editors: Eloise Bennett, Aaron Juneau, Sunshine Wong, Sinéad Nunes, Holly Grange, Christopher Little, Elspeth Mitchell, Sara Jaspan, Georgina Wright, Rebecca Senior, Niomi Fairweather and Rachel McDermott.

A group of 8 people sit around a table of food and wine, with painted curtains on either side.
Corridor8 team at Bidston Observatory, 2020. Photo: Lydia Hiorns, KILN.