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A group of people of various ages and races sit around the room listening, some lie back with arms cross and all have their eyes shut

SHOP & The Future of Listening by Niki Colclough

13.03.2024, by James McColl

Five long tables laid with afternoon tea with balloons and bunting, it looks like a real party!

MET (Mobile Event Tent)

28.10.2023, by Steve Slack

A charcoal drawing of a large shaded circle next to a small one

Heather Peak: Out of step

23.06.2023, by Katy Morrison

A wall hung sculpture made of terracotta tiles in the shape of a skirt.

Emma Gregory: dynamics of care

23.01.2023, by Julia Johnson

An ariel photograph of a group of people in colourful clothes having a picnic on fabric squares in a rectangular formation, in the middle of a moorland path.

Artist A & Artist B: In the Pockets of a Parachute

28.09.2022, by Danielle Ash

A vibrantly coloured painting of two Black women sitting and talking animatedly at a table.

Creative Conversations: Black Women Artists Making and Doing

29.02.2020, by Mandla Rae

Beautiful and Brutal: 50 years in the life of Preston Bus Station

28.10.2019, by Derek Horton

ARTIST ROOMS: Martin Creed

26.04.2017, by Sam Pickett

Cracked Egg (Exhibition & Publication Launch), In Certain Places

03.08.2016, by Michael D’Este

Nathaniel Mellors, Ourhouse Episode -1: Time

28.04.2016, by Holly Grange

Different Tongues, Hanover Project

12.11.2015, by Kyle Nathan Brown

A Green and Pleasant Land? Rural Life in Art

15.09.2015, by Jack Welsh

Presence of an Absence

08.07.2015, by Sam Pickett

Oculist Witnesses: According To Duchamp

19.05.2015, by Sam Pickett

The Varieties, Harris Museum and Art Gallery


Feel Me, The Birley


Artist Rooms – Bruce Nauman, The Harris Museum & Art Gallery