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ARCHIVE: Iain’s Sinclair’s talk at the launch of Corridor8

Iain Sinclair with Corridor8 publisher Michael Butterworth

Iain Sinclair with Corridor8 publisher Michael Butterworth

Iain’s Sinclair’s talk at the launch of Corridor8, July 16th 2009, at Urbis Museum of the City, Manchester, was attended by a capacity audience, and had the effect of wooing Manchester’s notoriously hard to please art audience.

Iain Sinclair / Corridor8 Launch / Urbis / 16th July 2009 from Patrick Walker on Vimeo.

Film by Linda Dutton and Janine McGinnies

Sinclair’s walk, from Urbis to Ringway (Manchester Airport), conducted earlier in June formed the subject. Around which he strung a fascinating array of impressions of the city, giving the audience many original insights into its (and his) special nature. He got “hooked” on Manchesterand went on to spend the following day looking around New Islington in the nearby area of Ancoats.

Listeners to the talk were privy to a segment of Sinclair’s Northern Journey* – a project that had started in the middle of the previous year, when Sinclair was commissioned by Corridor8 to make two journeys through Will Alsop’s ‘SuperCity’ — first with filmmaker Chris Petit by car and subsequently with wife Anna by bus pass.  These sections have been written up and are published in the magazine, illustrated by Petit’s and Sinclair’s photography (available from the Corridor8 Subscriptions and Orders page).

A podcast of the walk is available, written by Sinclair and read by Swen Steinhauser. A printed map carrying an Introduction by Sinclair will be available at Urbis until the end of August. As will an accompanying childrens’ activity map. Both will be then be available from the Creative Tourist website.  Downloads of the map can be found on the Walk section of the Corridor8 website.

* The Northern Journey is still continuing, with new sections planned. Watch the Corridor8 news page for more announcements.