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ARCHIVE: Neville Gabie at Corridor8 #2 launch

Neville Gabie on 25th October 2010, Liverpool Biennial Visitors’ Centre

Film by Linda Dutton

For his installation a weight of ice carried from the north for you for the 2010 Tatton Biennial, the artist-explorer Neville Gabie brought a 2.5 ton piece of Greenland iceberg to Tatton Park Gardens country estate in Cheshire, UK. Gabie describes the journey taken by the iceberg to its eventual housing in a solar-powered glass refrigerator amidst the lush greenery of the park. Seemingly an exotic addition to a quintessentially English garden, the plant species in the gardens are themselves interlopers, transported by their Victorian collectors. A fascination with the effects of contextual changes wrought on objects moved through extremes of time and space, and the cultural confluence to be found at such places as building sites, this film is classic Gabie.

See also ‘A Weight of One’s Own’, an exclusive interview with Neville Gabie by David Lillington, Corridor8 #2.

Until December 2011, Neville is Artist in Residence at the Olympic Park, East London, during its construction out of the Lower Leigh Valley.