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Corridor8 Issue 3.3

Click on image to view video. Film credit Linda Dutton.

‘Now, in Liverpool, I pulled our coats over the blankets against the freezing northern winter and spent a hopeless hour with a full bladder in the early hours before steeling myself to wrap up and make the trek to the bottom of the garden. I felt pathetically southern, naive and spoiled.’ Jenny Diski

Corridor8 is back for its third offering of the year. Continuing the in depth look at the North of England’s vibrant arts scene, this edition aims a spotlight at art education and profiles a series of unique perspectives on the North.

You are invited to the launch of the third part of Corridor8’s third edition on Thursday 5 July 2012 from 6pm at The Bluecoat, Liverpool.

At the launch, writer and artist Derek Horton talks about the online art and writing magazine Soanyway, co-produced with artist Lisa Stansbie.

Derek Horton at The Bluecoat, Liverpool. 5 July 2012. Film credit Linda Dutton.


Novelist Jenny Diski, author of Only Human and Nothing Natural, presents new writing recounting two memorable trips to the North of England. A personal response to the writer is provided by New York based novelist and art critic Frederic Tuten.

Artist and Northern Art Prize winner Paul Rooney gives us his take on living and working as an artist in Liverpool in a critical examination of the city and its cultural aspirations.

Artist and social researcher Grace Hamilton speaks to the North’s major art education institutions including Christine Borland, professor at BALTIC 31 in Newcastle, Maurice Carlin at Islington Mill Academy in Salford, Juan Cruz, professor of fine art at Liverpool’s School of Art and Design at LJMU, Ian Rawlinson, artist and Route Leader at the Manchester School of Art at MMU and The Free University of Liverpool gives a collective interview.

Also in this issue we present the first print edition of the, usually online, contemporary art and writing magazine Soanyway. This 16-page special edition explores the theme of ‘Content[s]’ with its double meaning of containment and contentment. Image-led and printed in full colour on glossy paper, it provides a stunning colour supplement to Corridor8.

Contributors to the supplement are Alex Dipple, Andrew George, Phill Hopkins, Eoin Shea, Lisa Stansbie and Anna T, Billy Cancel, Tom Duggan, Claire Potter and Stephanie Richardson.

Each part of Corridor8 #3 retails at £6. Subscribers can get all four parts of Corridor8 #3 for £24, which includes a presentation binder.

For review copies of Corridor8 #3 or copies of previous issues, press tickets to launch events and for all media enquiries please contact Joanna Rowlands on 07950 268 224 or