Posted 20.03.2020 by Lara Eggleton in News

COVID-19 response, and a special call-out

Efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19 have brought public-facing arts activity in the UK to a standstill, leaving arts workers in a position of frightening uncertainty and a sudden absence of outlets for creative expression and engagement. During this challenging period, the team at Corridor8 will continue to respond to emails and maintain conversations with partner organisations, artists and writers across the North. At the start of the year we launched our supported content model with the intention of remunerating writers and editors and have been bolstered by the enthusiastic take-up from a number of organisations – our sincerest thanks to them.

We will continue to publish content commissioned and written ahead of recent escalating circumstances, and are currently assessing how to move forward with future commissions. As art spaces remain closed and programmes paused, we will endeavour to support the sector by shining a light on other activity and allowing a range of voices and perspectives to be heard.

With this in mind, our current ACE grant period is coming to an end (and further funding uncertain), so if you’d like to help support us through these difficult times, please consider making a donation. You’ll be funding new critical and creative content, with all proceeds going directly toward writer and editor fees.

Shuttered: call-out for short reflections

One of our fundamental objectives at Corridor8 is to document and archive contemporary art and cultural activity in the North of England, and with the unprecedented but necessary closure of galleries over the past week we’re thinking of ways to make good use of our position as a mainly digital organisation. 

With this in mind, we’d like to offer those of you who’ve had to shutter exhibitions and cancel events a platform to reflect on this work that now either won’t go ahead, or will be unavailable for viewing.

From now until midnight on Wednesday 25 March we’re accepting short (up to 200 words) reflections on and descriptions of recently opened or closed-before-opening exhibitions, or cancelled events anywhere in the North of England. As reviews by unaffiliated visitors are no longer possible, these can be from curators, artists, technicians and anyone involved who has something they’d like to share. Please send writing, along with one accompanying image (with caption and credit), to

A selection of these will be collectively published as promptly as possible, depending on the volume of response and availability of editors.