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Issue 1

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Corridor8 Issue 1: The Visionaries

Iain Sinclair, the award-winning poet, author and psychogeographer, uses the SuperCity as the starting point for a brand new commission, a new literary documentary that explores the ordinary and extraordinary lives and landscape of the North. This exclusive commission can only be read in Corridor8, and is accompanied by images from acclaimed filmmaker, Chris Petit.

Peter Saville, one of the world’s leading designers, talks candidly about one of his most challenging projects to date: developing a brand identity for the city of Manchester. Tracing a line from his time at the legendary Factory Records, and arguing that both Factory and the Hacienda went on to change the British canon of art and design, Saville puts his brand vision – the notion that Manchester is the Original Modern city – into an intellectual and creative context.

Elsewhere, and providing a companion piece to the Saville interview, England’s Dreaming author, Jon Savage looks back at the ideas and ideals that generated Manchester’s compelling musical identity
– an identity that still resonates today.

We examine the architectural practice of Will Alsop and uncover a career that is as controversial as it is successful. While Alsop’s vision for the regeneration and redevelopment of the North is well documented, Corridor8 also describes another side to Alsop’s work – his artistic practice. We document Alsop’s astonishing series of outdoor collaborative works with artist Bruce McLean, where canvas, conceptual and performance art come together to spectacular effect.

The Yorkshire born-and-bred artist and curator, Paul Bradley, is the subject of an in-depth discussion that focuses on his artistic, architectural, design, performance and political practice. Bradley’s ‘patisserie project’, where he creates edible artworks to designs created by Arte Povera collaborator, Michelangelo Pistelotto, forms the cover of Corridor8’s inaugural issue.

bread designed by

Bread designed by Michelangelo Pistelotto. Baked by Alastair from La Vecchia, York. Served at the Corridor8 launch in collaboration with the Paul Bradley Studio.

Finally, we elaborate on how radicalised art group Superflex galvanised a community to save itself with the aid of the internet and how, under the guidance of Glasgow-born, Hull and Liverpool-based and Leeds working social provocateur and artist Alan Dunn, reached across geographical boundaries to touch others in Brazil, Thailand and Antarctica.

Corridor8: the flash artists

Each issue, Corridor8 profiles some of the UK’s most exciting and radical contemporary artists. Issue 1 features eight emerging visual artists who operate along the SuperCity corridor, selected on the basis of the formidable reputations they are forging for themselves internationally and who are cementing the region as a cornerstone of contemporary art practice — Isabel Nolan (Dublin), Bob Levene (Hull), Rachel Goodyear (Manchester/Salford), Simon Le Ruez (Sheffield), Paul Rooney (Liverpool), Matthew Houlding (Todmorden), Freee art collective (Sheffield, Hull and Warrington), Rory Macbeth (Leeds).

We also investigate the Salford Restoration Office, consider what a SuperCity art school might look like and, with the help of Corridor8 designers, Dust, Laura Mansfield puts together a map of organisations and artist-led groups in the ‘Supercity’ region revealing interconnectedness on an international scale.

Issue 1 of Corridor8 is funded by Arts Council England.

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