Posted 26.05.2011 by Corridor8 in News

Secs and Death Cells Exhibition, The Hive, Manchester, Thursday 7th April 2011

In April, Corridor8 were invited by current students on the Masters of Fine Art at the Metropolitan University to curate a show around their practice. Rather than simply selecting some of their current work we took the approach of giving each artist – Nina Chua, Tiago Duarte, Nicola Ellis, Shona Harrison and Ana Rosa Hopkins – a brief for them to respond to. The new work was showcased in a one night only event at The Hive, in the less colonised edge of Manchester’s Northern Quarter. The artwork on display, visible through the plate glass windows of HKR Architect’s über modern building was professional, and was lent an edge by the eerie, pitted streets and boarded-up premises outside. It was every bit as jumpy as Hoxton when the first gallery moved there, and one yearned that a more permanent exhibition space/gallery might soon materialise in the place of this fleeting well-attended pop-up event.

Photography: Stephen Isles