Posted 26.05.2011 by Corridor8 in News

The shape of further things?

For us, as we hope it is for you, the appearance of Corridor8 each year is an adventure. We never know fully until the last minute quite how our ideas will manifest, what exactly you will have to hold and, when you do, what shape it will take. Suffice to say that it will always be a fresh departure – exciting, novel and full of surprises! The new edition, hopefully due September 2011, will be no exception. All we can say about it at the moment is that Dust, our designers, and the editorial team, have once again banged heads, we have a plan that we are very excited about, and that we are steadily working towards its fruition. We will continue to use Corridor8 as a platform for the wealth of contemporary visual art that is coming out of the North of England, and produce a genuinely visually appealing and stimulating journal, containing the most prescient, informative and challenging content we can find. Watch this space.