Northern Formations

A brown-grey book cover with geometric lines and title 'NORTHERN FORMATIONS' in blue.

Price: £10.00
Dims: 28.5 x 17.5 cm, 100 pages (inc a set of bespoke stickers)

Moorland monuments; obelisks; cairns; folklore; spare sculpture; spolia; ornament; (the gratuitousness of) sculpture parks; fragments; limbs; monsters…

We are surrounded by sculpture in the North of England, not just in galleries, but in art schools, sculpture parks, public monuments and festivals. Here, sculpture is always in close dialogue with the landscape itself, whether the topography of sculpture parks, the patina of lichen on standing stones, crags and rocks, or informal monuments like cairns, new and modern.

Northern Formations is a collection of responses by writers and artists to the unusual proliferation of sculpture across the North, through history and in the present day.

Beautifully designed by Ashleigh Armitage and Laure Carnet of Dust Collective, this large-format book features an editorial by Lara Eggleton; three essays by former and current Henry Moore Institute Postdoctoral Fellows: Marin Sullivan, Rebecca Senior and Rebecca Wade; a special re-representation of existing work by Ian Jackson; an essay about the ‘Lazy Liaisons’ commissioning programme by Lauren Velvick (collaboration inspired by the Covid-19 lockdown); and four new paired commissions by artists based across the North of England: Bethany Stead and Amelia Wood, Norman Payne and Shonagh Short, Anna FC Smith and Kerry Tenbey, and Joshua Hart and Niloo Sharifi.

Northern Formations is funded by the Henry Moore Foundation, Arts Council England, Leeds Art Fund and Leeds Philosophical and Literary Society.

Northern Formations + postage

a photo of 2 pieces of cut stone on a sheet.
A drawing of a woman with hooves kneeling with a severed hand, bleeding from the mouth.
a selection of colourful stickers
a drawing in monochrome blue of a nude female figure
a colour photo of a stone pike against a blue sky
a 2-page spread with blue on white pages