Melvin Moti – Hyperspace, Pavilion

Text by Hope ‘Leye

The Hyperspace exhibition currently screens The Eightfold Dot, a 24 minute silent film by Dutch artist Melvin Moti, as part of contemporary art commissioning organisation Pavilion‘s recent series of events. Melvin Moti is an award winning artist from the Netherlands and his cinematic work often explores the invisible and that which we do not or cannot fully perceive. Hyperspace is a combination of a forthcoming publication exploring and collating research on the fourth dimension and the screening of The Eightfold Dot which uses crystals as a scientific, geometric, and visual point of curiosity from which to begin considering temporal and spatial possibilities.

The Majestic itself is a large theatre space from the 1920’s and is a Grade II listed building, currently under reconstruction and refurbishment and is worth visiting even just on it’s own architectural merits. The transitory state of the space as it undergoes reconstruction provides the perfect setting within which to screen The Eightfold Dot, a film which celebrates and embraces changing structures and re-imagining spaces. The Eightfold Dot uses the two dimensional medium of 35mm film to explore the inaccessible fourth dimension, shifting seamlessly in narrative between dots, lines, squares and a hypercube whilst scrutinising crystal structures.

It is no coincidence that this work comes at the centenary of X-ray crystallography, invented in physics laboratories in Leeds where the film is currently being screened. X-ray crystallography is a method of examining the core atomic structures of crystals through the diffraction of X-rays. Melvin Moti’s work often hinges on well researched theories, and like his 2012 art book on self-luminous materials, the depth of his research shines through in his work despite the abstracted visuals and silence of the film. The film succeeds in leading the viewer on a journey of contemplation of the unknown and indescribable, and gently nudges the viewer forward through their own personal series of internal perceptions of the obscure and inaccessible.

Conceptually transcending beyond the current limits of the human experience, The Eightfold Dot flows between scientific enquiry and a celebration of fantasy. This projected 35mm film encourages us to rely on the suspension of disbelief in contrast to much of the over-enhanced realism of modern cinema, and takes on a beautiful nostalgic tone whilst embracing scientific progression and potential future possibilities. Moti’s brilliant film invites us to look forward and back simultaneously and to try and consider a space outside of time and physical constraints. It reaches out to an inquisitiveness that is at the heart of the human experience and through an open visual narrative generates an experience that feels almost custom made for each viewer.

Melvin Moti’s  Hyperspace screening of The Eightfold Dot is on display at The Majestic in Leeds until 20 December 2013. The artist will also be revealing and discussing the forthcoming publication that forms the second part of Hyperspace on the 19 November 2013 at the Majestic.

Hope ‘Leye is a writer, photographer and artist living and working in the North of England.

Published 09.11.2013 by Lauren Velvick in Reviews

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