Lauren Velvick

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Lauren Velvick is variously a writer, curator and/or artist based in the North of England.

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An installation shot from Cyberjunk: Quantum Crash at IMT Gallery: A lifesize figure stands in the foreground of a gallery, the figure is zombie-like and includes robot elements. In the background a rug is mounted on the wall.

Amrit Randhawa in conversation with John Powell Jones

03.06.2022, by Amrit Randhawa

Photograph showing two of Dean Kennings 'crawlers' face one another

Dean Kenning: Evolutionary Love

14.04.2022, by Anthony Ellis

An image of the exhibition being discussed showing work by Andrius Arutiunian

Uncertain Data

30.09.2021, by Leah Binns

Two papier mache masks sit on a white shelf which is mounted on a white wall. One is white and one is red, and they appear to be demons or folkloric figures.

Short Supply: MADE IT 2021

28.09.2021, by Grace Edwards

Lazy Liaisons


A forest is shown in low sunlight, as though in winter or at dusk. The image is in shades of dark brown, green, blue and orange where light strikes the trees.

Barnaby Bright: New Commissions

17.06.2021, by Neil Greenhalgh

An older white man with white hair, glasses and wearing a checked shirt is facing away from the camera and writing on kitchen cabinet doors using paint markers. There is multi coloured writing all over the cabinets and a box of markers in the foreground.

Widening Participation? In conversation with two recent graduates

28.05.2021, by Lauren Velvick

Unveiled: open submission roundup of reopenings

09.05.2021, by Corridor8

Unveiled: callout for reopening plans across the North


Reset or rewild: perspectives on future arts infrastructures

13.02.2021, by Dr. Susan Jones

small child grasps large red block in art exhibition

The Indoor Park

10.12.2020, by Tom Whyman

My Reality, Your Reality, Its Reality and Shirts

03.12.2020, by James Schofield

photograph of white-walled gallery space with a black sofa face six paintings

Gordon Dalton: Dead Reckoning

09.10.2020, by Neil Greenhalgh

a still image of a 3D render of a gallery space showing stairs leading up from the floor the viewer is on

Emerging Accessibility: Post-viral programming and disabled audiences

24.09.2020, by Izzy Kroese

An Art Editor’s Manifesto

23.09.2020, by Lara Eggleton

Same Ocean

28.08.2020, by Nick Stephens

What is the future? Reflections from Blackburn

21.05.2020, by Laura Brown

Shuttered: Short Reflections on Closed Exhibitions

28.03.2020, by various contributors

What We Don’t Talk About When We Talk About The Artist-Led

07.03.2020, by Jack Welsh

Creative Conversations: Black Women Artists Making and Doing

29.02.2020, by Mandla Rae

In their own words: New Contemporaries artists on using language in their practice

20.01.2020, by Lara Eggleton

Political Activism in Paint: an interview with Lubaina Himid

06.11.2017, by Siobhán Forshaw

Things, Money, Art, Work, Class

11.04.2017, by Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau

Editorial: Creating a Cultural Corridor

25.10.2015, by Lauren Velvick

Poor Souls’ Light anthology launch ft. M. John Harrison, John Rylands Library


The Other Room | Experimental Poetry in Manchester


Applications Now Open: Critical Writing Bursary & Workshop Programme


30 Years of the Future, Castlefield Gallery

23.01.2015, by Tom Emery

Burroughs at 100 – The International Anthony Burgess Foundation


The Manchester Salon present ‘In A Flux’ Museum and Art Gallery


Shezad Dawood – Towards the Possible Film Art Gallery


MDP Associates Exhibition: Looking at the Reflection of Reality, Federation House


Go! Push Pops: HolY CreAtriXXX, Alexandra Arts


Chris Dobrowolski, &Model


Noel Clueit – Towards Monumental Sculpture, Bureau


Joe Fletcher Orr – Under The Thumb, The International 3, Salford