University of Leeds Project Space

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View of a gallery space with white walls and pale wooden floor. There are several works visible: a vitrine with black legs and several small TVs screening artists' films.

A Feminist Space at Leeds: Looking Back to Think Forwards

09.12.2017, by Lucy Holt

A view of a wooden sculpture that looks like a large cog, resting on a metal frame.

David Sowerby: The Idles That Habit Forms

25.10.2017, by Derek Horton

A view of the exterior of a university building. A sculptural work spells out: 'we need to talk' across the front and steps.

So What of the Future

02.07.2017, by Saffron Ward

View of a gallery with a large fabric installation in the centre. It appears to be made up of different sheets arranged into geometric shapes. The colours are peach, orange, beige and black.

Bethan Hughes: Softbodies

20.03.2017, by Hayley Toth