Leeds College of Art:
Felice House

Elspeth Mitchell was writer-in-residence at Leeds College of Art during the exhibition, Felice House: RE-WESTERN, curated by Sharon Bainbridge with Joanna Craddock and Catriona McAra (20 January — 24 March 2017). Following a revival of popular interest in Hollywood westerns, the exhibition was accompanied by a programme of film screenings including Johnny Guitar (1954) and Westworld (1973).

Mitchell’s feature essay, ‘What if John Wayne were a woman’, was developed in conversation with House and LCA curators. It was featured on the Corridor8 website and included in a printed catalogue, designed by dust and supported by Texas A&M University. Contact Lara Eggleton to request a copy, while supplies last.

Felice House, Julia Dean in Giant, 2013. Oil on canvas. Collection of Paula Broughton. Image courtesy of the artist.

Felice House is an American painter and Assistant Professor at Texas A&M University. Her Re/Western series offers a feminist interrogation of the western genre, featuring portraits of female cowboys.

Elspeth Mitchell is a Corridor8 writer and a PhD candidate at the University of Leeds.