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Two hands touch a knitted blanket. The blanket is cream with blue woven text. The only word that can be made out is 'HELGA'.

Memorial Gestures

13.07.2023, by Alice Bradshaw

Installation view

Loucey Bain: Spatial Narratives

10.06.2021, by Annie O'Donnell

Collette Rayner: Tests on Previsualisation. Tests on Dredging. Tests on Floaters.

07.08.2019, by Louis D'Arcy-Reed

A green gallery wall featuring two artworks. On the left, a black and white image of rockface with a building in the background. On the right a drawing of a rock or mineral.

Ilana Halperin: Minerals of New York

01.05.2019, by Lauren Velvick

Sabina Sallis, Drawing Close – Voynich Series (2017). The Customs House.

Sabina Sallis: Drawing Close – Voynich Series

27.11.2017, by Dave Pritchard

An illustration of anemones underwater, in many different colours, shapes and textures.

Marine Art: Ernst Haeckel

13.10.2017, by Jay Drinkall

The front room of a terraced house, it has white walls and a polished wood floor. In the floreground, a yoga mat with a small ceramic head and a potato on it, a tall stand with a speaker just to the side. Behind, on the wall, above a white radiator a set of 15 a4 sized pencil drawings.

Room 113: Billy McCall and Neuschloss

28.04.2017, by Kate Liston