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Review — 07.08.2019

Collette Rayner: Tests on Previsualisation. Tests on Dredging. Tests on Floaters.

Two Queens, Leicester

by Louis D'Arcy-Reed

Review — 01.05.2019

Ilana Halperin: Minerals of New York

Leeds Arts University, Leeds

by Lauren Velvick

Review — 27.11.2017

Sabina Sallis: Drawing Close – Voynich Series

The Customs House, South Shields

by Dave Pritchard

Review — 13.10.2017

Marine Art: Ernst Haeckel

The Deep, Hull

by Jay Drinkall

Review — 28.04.2017

Room 113: Billy McCall and Neuschloss

Room 113, Newcastle upon Tyne

by Kate Liston